Genital warts

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Mel20192019 Thu 04-Apr-19 23:06:32

Hi I have been with my partner 15 months we live together and due to get married we had conversation months ago were I asked if he ever had std he said no and asked me my reply was no which was untrue I was going to tell but to ashamed I thought it would not matter as got all clear before sleeping together god was I wrong when I was 15 I was going through hard time with mental health I craved male love and thought the boy I thought I loved would love me if we had sex I used condom not long after I came out below on outside little bumps dr told me was warts I got them frezzed off that was that I was never told this would stay in my system . Years ago I had to get pre cancerous cells burned off and regular smear test for 3 years again no mention of hpv then last week I felt lump in boob so decided to check inside vagina were I felt swollen and lots of lumps when then nurse told dr she had warts in past so referred to hosptial the dr told me they are extensive but as not weeping or open I would not have gave them to partner I also have thrush inside and bv infection I told my partner about last 2 am terrified that I will lose him the guilt and shame is making my mental health worse am going to tell him once kids are away at weekend but am so scared he will be disgusted and leave dr said they have been growing for months funny thing is we have not had sex in over 8 weeks said he's stressed with work wedding and family stuff

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