Strange sensation 'down below'

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BlueMerchant Thu 04-Apr-19 16:10:19

I am so worried. On/off for the last few months I've felt a kind of dropping/ pulling sensation high up in my vagina. It's not exactly painful but it's uncomfortable and feels 'heavy'.Sensation lasts an hour or so then disappears until it happens again a week or so later.
My periods are normal. Had no in- between bleeding.
No chance I'm pregnant and my youngest is 8years old. No chance of a STD.
I feel like I need to urinate more often.
I'm at the doctor's tomorrow. I suffer severe anxiety around health issues.
Has anybody had this before?
What will the GP likely do?

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MyChildrenHaveHorns Thu 04-Apr-19 16:23:48

Could be a prolapse, you may need to schedule a 'women's health' appt as it needs 2 people to check. (One has to hold your leg up while you lie on your side)

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