First Smear tomorrow,

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howwilliknoww Sun 31-Mar-19 17:20:04

Smear tomorrow and I am dreading it, been putting off for so long. I've never had one. Any advice I.e what to wear? How long it takes? So nervous

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MPForFlydaleNorth Sun 31-Mar-19 17:22:57

It takes minutes, and shouldn't be painful, just relax and breathe through it, it will be over before you know it. Up to you if you wear a long skirt or trousers, but if you wear trousers you will have to strip from the waist down, but you will be given a cover to put over yourself. Well done for booking it, such a simple test can save lives but I know it's easy to put it off

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Sun 31-Mar-19 17:24:31

You'll only be in the room a few minutes. It's really quite. I'd say uncomfortable, not painful at all. Every time I've had one the nurse has been lovely and put me at ease. What you wear doesn't matter. You'll have a sheet/huge bit of tissue paper to cover up with.
Really don't worry.

HeyCarrieAnneWhatsYourGame Sun 31-Mar-19 17:27:13

Wear a big skirt is my advice. That way you can keep it on and it affords you a bit more privacy/feel more covered. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just comfortable. This tests saves lives, you’re doing the right thing.

Zebedee88 Sun 31-Mar-19 17:27:22

Recently had my first one, I had put it off for few years. Told the nurse i was nervous, she was great, didn't rush. I was on the bed for a few minutes, just lie down and relax. It was over very quickly, no pain or anything. Don't know why I waited so long! I had a super positive experience.

GabrielleNelson Sun 31-Mar-19 17:27:46

Well done on booking the appointment, howwilliknoww. I'm sure it will be fine and you'll be really glad you've got it out of the way afterwards.

In my experience, it doesn't take all that long and practice nurses are really good at putting their patients at ease for this. It doesn't matter what you wear really. You'll have to be undressed from the waist down, which our nurses ask me to do behind a curtain and then they have a blanket I can put over my lower legs and feet.

Tell the nurse it's the first time and she will talk you through it and explain what she's doing. Good luck!


MIdgebabe Sun 31-Mar-19 17:28:25

Mine used to be very uncomfortable until a nurse observed that I have a a back tilted ( ah mind blank ..vagina?)

About 1 in 5 women do. In that case put your hands under your bum. Simple.r just cross it took 15 years to be spotted!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 31-Mar-19 17:29:09

The fear is worse than the actual thing. It’s not what any of us want to go through to be sure. I just think the poor practice nurses do a nu,near day and I’m just one of 120 that are done in a week 😀. They are brilliant at understanding your discomfort.

Marlena1 Sun 31-Mar-19 17:32:51

Wear a skirt. Way less embarrassing pulling up a skirt than taking off trousers. I never found them that bad. Remember these people are so used to doing this. Just another set of bits to them!

seeingdots Sun 31-Mar-19 17:33:00

Good on you for getting booked in for it. Honestly the thought is worse than the reality. Just takes a minute and it's all over and done with, and I've never found it painful. You get a sheet over your upper legs so you don't feel as exposed as you might think either.

loladisco Sun 31-Mar-19 17:33:09

Well done for booking it! I had my second one last week. It was absolutely fine, took about a minute, and nurse just chatted the whole time. They usually put a curtain round the bed so you can take trousers off and get laid down with tissue paper covering you before they come in.

You'll be fine, and so glad when it's over with!

GabrielleNelson Sun 31-Mar-19 17:52:47

Midgebabe, retroverted uterus? I was told recently I have one of those too. Odd that it should be spotted now I'm through the menopause and not during my pregnancies or childbirth!

WildFlower2019 Sun 31-Mar-19 18:01:44

I was most worried about taking my clothes off in front of somebody but It was such a relief when the nurse pulled he curtain for me and gave me a piece of large tissue paper to cover myself with. So I just stripped my bottom half and got on the bed and covered myself over.

Then she came over and told me how to put my legs/angles and we were done within a few minutes.

She chatted to me about my pets through most of it.

I've had 2 now and a test for infections which was basically the same deal.

Due my next one in August and if I'm honest, it doesn't really phase me now!

I'm sure you'll be fine.

howwilliknoww Sun 31-Mar-19 18:14:48

Thank you so much for all your replies, they really have helped me.
I just feel so anxious and can't wait for it to be over.

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hopeishere Sun 31-Mar-19 20:36:04

How is a skirt less embarrassing?! It would be all bunched up. You still have to take your pants off!! Do you "tent" it over your legs?

howwilliknoww Mon 01-Apr-19 08:12:00

I have it in an hour, was so close to cancelling but I'm going to go.
Far to cold for a skirt here this morning so I have my jeans on

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Chocolatecoffeeaddict Mon 01-Apr-19 08:14:12

Good luck, it will be over before you know it. It doesn't really matter about wearing a skirt, you're behind a curtain covered with a sheet x

Warmhandscoldheart Mon 01-Apr-19 08:17:40

The anticipation of having it is worse than the smear itself. The nurse told me to push my bottom in to the bed that really he!ped. Good luck

KingLooieCatz Mon 01-Apr-19 08:23:47

Nurse suggested I put the speculum in myself at the last test - I found that loads easier. She took over for the last bit. It was over in a jiffy and I celebrated my bravery with a cup of tea and a sticky bun. Nurse says that the sticky bun is standard procedure, practically in the NICE guidelines.

Footle Mon 01-Apr-19 08:24:12

Come back and post when it's over. It's a sensible , normal thing to do for your own wellbeing.

BlueMerchant Mon 01-Apr-19 08:29:06

You'll be fine.
I live with anxiety and worry and panic over everything. It took all my strength to go and I was so shocked at how quickly it was over and came out feeling extremely proud that I'd done it. Treat yourself to a cake and coffee when you come out as a 'well done' .

loladisco Mon 01-Apr-19 08:52:40

Good luck, you will be fine. And agree with PPs, get yourself a treat afterwards. Tell the nurse if you're nervous and they'll hopefully help to put you at ease.

howwilliknoww Mon 01-Apr-19 09:53:45

I've had it done. Feel so proud. I cried when I come out, I think just because I was so relived.

Nurse did say something about test might have to be redone because of, I think she said, eroded cell and bleeding cervix, does anyone know what this might mean?

Thanks for all of your lovely words because I had it done

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howwilliknoww Mon 01-Apr-19 10:02:53

The nurse said I had mild ectropion and now I have googled. Please someone tell me it's okay

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BlueMerchant Mon 01-Apr-19 10:09:00

A big WELL DONEsmile.
Yeh the crying isn't uncommon when it's over. It's all that built up stress releasing!! I bawled when I got home.
I was told I had an erosion and slight 'graze'. She said it was common and only mentioned it incase I had any slight spotting after the smear. She told me it is not linked to it being something sinister.
My result was normal btw.

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