Laparoscopy complete

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Pinkstars2501 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:31:31

Hello, I’ve asked a couple people some questions about their ops in the lead up to my own. So I thought I’d update here. Plus visitors have gone home now and it’s a bit lonely.

Anyway. I was first in and think I was in for about an hour and a half.
I’ve been fighting for this and suffering from endo for 16 years.
Turns out the entire inside but of my pelvis are stuck together. In my consultants words “your pelvis is an utter mess”. To the point where he couldn’t even see my ovaries and tubes. My uterus is stuck to my bowel.
I’m full of endo, adhesions and scar tissue. The tissue is from both the endo, and from old appendix infections that have gone unnoticed despite me going to the docs for the pain. In fairness I only actually get pain when it’s time of the month. Apparently if I’d have actually got pregnant during the two years we’ve been trying, it’s more than likely it’d have been ectopic and I could have died. He couldn’t do a huge amount today because it’s just so glued, and if he’d tried unsticking my bowel there was a risk of me needing bag (because it hadn’t been expected or prepped).
I’m basically lucky to be alive. It’s madness.

I don’t expect anyone to reply really. Just wanted to get it out.

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roundligament Thu 28-Mar-19 21:40:16

Sending you love. That is a lot to take onboard.
Are you comfortable as you can be pain wise for this evening?

Pinkstars2501 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:52:21

Oh yeh I’m not in any pain as such, just feel bruised inside. To be honest the most pain I have is in my should from the gas, I’ll have some peppermint tea to try and combat that though.

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roundligament Thu 28-Mar-19 21:54:35

I found the gas pain horrendous
The stiller I laid the better
Heat packs helped as well when I was in hospital they had them there if we asked for them.
Hope you feel better soon and can come up with a long term management plan for your future and your health xx

Nat6999 Thu 28-Mar-19 21:55:50

Get some Rennie Deflatine for the gas pain, for me it's the only thing that ever worked.

Pinkstars2501 Thu 28-Mar-19 22:12:03

Thanks for the suggestions will definitely ask. Yeh I’m ok laying down, it’s when I get back into bed after a wee that the gas pain is there, not horrific, just there.

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Thu 28-Mar-19 22:22:50

Just wanted to send you love
Had mine on Monday. Ovary was fused to my bowel and there was a load of scar tissue. Possible adenomyosis as well. Shocked as nothing shown on mri
What is the next course of action for you?

Pinkstars2501 Thu 28-Mar-19 23:01:41

In all honestly my mri and ct lit up like a Christmas tree, but they just didn’t think it would be as bad as it is.
My surgeon will talk to me again in the morning and repeat all he’s said, which I might record on my phone because I’ve already forgotten a lot of it. I’m to have another operation but he needs a good few hours with me under to do it all so it’ll be in a couple of months when all the teams can be there.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with myself because by rights I should be dead.....but I climbed Snowdon last week 🤣. Thing is, I have zero pain outside of time of the month so I wouldn’t have suspected any infection anyway. I temp as ttc, and it’s always a normal reading.

I’m also angry because if they’d listened to me when I first started going to the docs 16 yrs ago then I wouldn’t be in this position. And now there’s a very real possibility I won’t be a mum.

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roundligament Mon 01-Apr-19 20:41:52

How are you feeling

Pinkstars2501 Wed 03-Apr-19 23:05:17

Sorry just seen this! I’m ok, not so sore today. Having said that, my tummy was hurting a little this evening. My stitches are a bit tuggy but seem to be healing ok. I can’t believe it’s been a week since surgery already.... I’m still tired from it tbh, but that could be me being a wimp.
I feel like I underestimated how much it would take it out of me.

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Thu 04-Apr-19 00:56:25

@Pinkstars2501 I too feel awful ten days on
They gave me the impression I would skip out of theatre and be back up and running within days

Pinkstars2501 Thu 04-Apr-19 14:15:08

Yes! I totally underestimated it. The gas doesn’t help the situation either. All those people saying you can resume normal activities after a week hmm
I need a laparotomy, so dreading that!

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Thu 04-Apr-19 17:38:31

Oh dear @Pinkstars2501 just be kind to yourself rest accept as much help as you can and eat and drink well

Pinkstars2501 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:08:34

And you. I actually feel fine today, only slight tugs on my bikini stitches. Hope you’re feeling ok.

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Thu 04-Apr-19 19:11:35

Well I think I have my first period since having the lap
It's not treating me kindly if I'm honest

Pinkstars2501 Fri 05-Apr-19 15:46:16

Oh no sad hopefully it’s because your insides are still recovering and next time will be better. Have you got much in the way of pain relief? Or heat to use?

Mines due Tuesday and I’m dreading it, as I say they couldn’t take anything away from me as they need the bowel team too, so I know it’ll be the same as ever and I’ll want to die. I even got the doctor to give me an extended sick note so I wouldn’t have to worry about work. I’ve got a tens machine, pain meds, and two hot water bottles in my bedside drawer ready to go.

Hoping it’ll be better after my laparotomy...

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Fri 05-Apr-19 17:15:39

Bless you hope it's as pain free as can be and doesn't linger on forever
Starting to feel a little better today 11 days on!

Pinkstars2501 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:05:54

Yeh I actually feel normal today. Just dreading Tuesday... The things we go through eh?

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