Polyp and heavy bleeding.

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HippoHips Sun 24-Mar-19 14:35:45

I had the most horrific period ever last month, two weeks after my last one ended. I was bleeding so heavily, and for so long, I could barely leave the bathroom. Went to my lovely GP who did blood tests and sent me for a scan for fibroids. Scan has now come back showing tiny, inconsequential fibroids but thickened womb lining (19mm) and what could be a polyp of about 17mm in size. As a result of this I was referred on a 2 week wait to a gynae and have my appointment next week. I’ve made the schoolgirl error this evening of googling my symptoms and am now in an awful flap having convinced myself this could be a sign of something sinister.

Lovely Mumsnetters have any of you had similar? Did your’s prove to be harmless? I’m 47 and have had slightly erratic periods for a while. Sometimes heavy (although nothing like last one) and normally every 3-4 weeks. I could do with losing a few pounds but am averagely healthy and have 2 kids (hence my post googling panic). Any reassurance or experiences would be most appreciated. I’m not normally a huge worrier but the fact I was referred with such haste has really unsettled me xx

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CaptainSquirrel Sun 24-Mar-19 15:40:55

Don't Google! I have had this as well and it was fine. The two week thing is on the phone off chance that it's anything more sinister, but in the vast majority of cases it's a polyp, it gets taken out, your periods return to normal and all is well.

I had an initial appointment with a consultant within the two weeks. She explained all of the above to me and then said what would happen next. Which was that I had a procedure where she put a little camera on a tube into my uterus, took a biopsy, the result was fine and then I went back for the same procedure only then the entire polyp was removed. The second time I had local anaesthetic.

I won't lie, it was painful. I had previously been prescribed codeine by my dr because the polyp was making my periods painful, so I took a couple of those beforehand. I would recommend doing that. Get the codeine in advance like I did because they won't prescribe it to you just for the procedure. It took around 10 minutes for the first procedure and around 20 minutes for the second.

It was definitely worth doing because now my periods are back to normal and actually not painful at all.

Good luck and I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me.

CaptainSquirrel Sun 24-Mar-19 15:47:26

Oh and also what my consultant did was book me in for the second procedure straight after I'd had the first, rather than waiting for the biopsy results and then booking. How she explained it to me was that if the biopsy showed anything troubling she could always cancel the second procedure, but it just meant I would get it all sorted quicker if, as was extremely likely and as in fact proved to be the case, all I needed was for the polyp to be removed.

Boiledeggandtoast Sun 24-Mar-19 16:06:00

In my peri menopause I had almost continuous light bleeding followed by torrential bleeding during my periods (and was consequently very anaemic). This was several years ago so apologies if I'm slightly vague about timings. I was initially referred for a transvaginal scan where it was found that I had a number of fibroids, including a polyp which they thought was causing the problems. I was then referred quite quickly for an internal investigation with a small camera which was done under general anaesthetic, but because of the bleeding they weren't able to see very much. I think it was about a month later that I had surgery to have the polyp removed (again under general anaesthetic). The operation was very straight forward and I was home again the same evening. I think I had a few days off work and had to be a bit careful about lifting, but otherwise all was fine. The operation made a HUGE difference to my quality of life and meant that my periods were manageable. I really wish that I had sought help earlier.

All of which to say, please try not to worry (easier said than done I know) and I hope that you will soon have your problem resolved. With very best wishes.

CaptainSquirrel Sun 24-Mar-19 16:08:37

Yes my quality of life has been greatly improved as well. I actually don't have period pain at all now. It's incredible!

HippoHips Sun 24-Mar-19 18:59:39

Thank you both so much for replying. That’s so reassuring. My rational mind knows this is far more likely to be linked to my rapidly approaching menopause but google most definitely did not help. My periods are truly horrific at the moment so anything that can help that will be a bonus. There seems to be some doubt from the ultrasound whether this ‘mas’’ is actually a polyp. Was there the same ambiguity with yours before you saw the gynae?

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HippoHips Sun 24-Mar-19 19:00:10

‘Mass’ sorry not ‘mas’!

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CaptainSquirrel Sun 24-Mar-19 19:16:11

Yes I don't think they can know until after biopsy whether it's a polyp or not. Mine was also a "mass" until then and the word did scare me. During the first procedure when the consultant was able to see it with the camera she said that because of the way it looked she was pretty certain it was a polyp but I still had to wait for the biopsy results for that to be confirmed.

My periods were also awful which is why I was prescribed codeine for them. I also took tranexamic acid which helped a bit in terms of bleeding plus an iron supplement.

I was offered to have the procedure done under GA but opted for local just because it's a shorter recovery time. It's not nice but you do get a nurse whose only job is to talk to you and take your mind off it. I'd recommend having someone pick you up after if you can.

Akrotiri1 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:40:30

I recently had 3 polyps removed - my periods were also horrendous and had to use incontinence pants due to the flooding. It was quite scary as have never had periods like it. I would get up from the loo and the blood would be running down my thighs.....yuck!

When diagnosed with polyps, fibroids were also found, so initially was not sure which/or a combination were causing the heavy bleeding.

However after the polyp removal, my periods are back to normal so am just ignoring the fibroids until they cause an issue or disappear as not far of menopause.

Good luck x

HippoHips Sun 24-Mar-19 19:57:49

That’s the situation I am in too Akrotiri! It’s awful and makes me want to avoid going out (and I certainly won’t be wearing cream any time soon!!) I now have tranexamic acid and iron supplements but I know the tablets aren’t a long term solution so it’s best to get this diagnosed and sorted. I’m 47 so no idea how far away from menopause I am? The thought of this going on for years is enough to turn me into a chocolate eating, recluse!

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Akrotiri1 Sun 24-Mar-19 20:59:02

The whole process of polyp diagnosis and removal only took about 2 mnths - prior to that I had been bleeding non stop for 5 mnths - spotting between periods, then the very heavy periods, which initially I just put down to hormone changes.

However as the bleeding got worse, was convinced I had every type of cancer going, but one by one they were discounted thank god, and am very thankful for my gp's prompt attention.

I am 46, so a very similar age to you,

Big hugs and keep positive x

Boiledeggandtoast Sun 24-Mar-19 21:11:10

Hallo again HippoHips

You have all my sympathy, such heavy bleeding is so debilitating. I had days when I just had to sit on the toilet for an hour at a time because the bleeding was so heavy. I remember being on holiday with my sister and we went out for half an hour and by the time we got back I had bled through a super tampon and night-time towel and left a trail of blood behind me! Unfortunately I found the tranexamic acid didn't have any effect and I was permanently on an iron supplement. (I had to have the liquid one as the anaemia meant I also had problems swallowing). I think I was also about 47 when it started to get very bad and I kept thinking that the menopause would happen and it would all stop. I was 50 when I had my operation and my periods kept going until I was 54 so it was certainly worth having it done (and as I mentioned before, I wish I'd had it done earlier) . It seemed interminable at the time, but I'm now nearly 58 and despite all the usual menopausal symptoms am so glad to be free of periods and feel better than I have in years! Hold on in there, it will get better.

HippoHips Sun 24-Mar-19 21:45:27

Thank you Boiledegg. Honestly, it’s been a huge help already hearing all your exeperiences and is starting to calm my Google induced panic. Hope mine turns out to be harmless too and they can whip a polyp out and return me to some kind of normal!!

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Hotterthanahotthing Mon 25-Mar-19 14:25:58

I hadahysteroscopy under local few weeks ago,it was quick and painless.
Unfortunately I had too many polyps and fibroids so I have had a hysterectomy under GA, just waiting for my lift home.
I had now been referred for a myomectomy to remove the fibroids and the polyps that they couldn't get.
All biopsies so far have been negative but getting a bit fed up now.

HippoHips Mon 25-Mar-19 19:51:26

Hope you’re feeling ok Hotter and are now home safe and sound. So sorry to hear that you still have to go back for another procedure. Hopefully they will get everything sorted properly soon - it must be a relief that you have had the all clear so far although can totally understand how absolutely fed up you must be with it all x

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Hotterthanahotthing Tue 26-Mar-19 10:50:00

I just want the bleeding to stop,has been going on for 2years!
Felling well after the op.I thought I would be able to sleep but felt too wide awakeconfused.I've been put back on the 2week referral which is good but possibly because this time I was bullied into having a marina which luckily they couldn't get in so will have to fight that battle again.
I with you wanting normal,being able to drive anywhere without having to have a bag in the boot with a change of trousers,giant pads,a black bin liners and a towel for the car seat .Tranexamic acid is good but makes me throw up.
Hope the sun comes out so I can enjoy these legitimate sick days off.!

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