PMS....Please help!

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Spacebound Fri 15-Mar-19 17:01:32

Hi Everyone,

I suffer from terrible PMS and each month seems to be getting worse and worse its really starting to affect me and my marriage. I don't really get bad period pains but the lead up to it is awful. I cant stop eating, I mean I literally eat everything in sight. I always eat really healthy but around this time that just seems to go out of the window and I lose all willpower which in turn makes me feel even worse about myself. I absolutely love yoga and try to go four times a week but again when I feel like this I just haven't got the energy or desire to do anything. I feel like I really let myself down and I hate myself for it.

I am horrible to my poor Husband and I mean an absolute b*tch for no reason at all. I know it sounds completely ridiculous and a horrible thing to say but when I am feeling like this sometimes I look at him and could honestly just punch him (I absolutely never would) he doesn't even have to be doing anything wrong so why do I feel like this. I snap at him over the tiniest little thing and cause arguments for nothing. I absolutely hate myself for it, he must too, it makes me feel like a monster.

Can anyone suggest anything that could help me please? I would consider herbal medication but don't want anything from the doctor

Thank you x

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NabooThatsWho Sat 16-Mar-19 07:03:19

Hi Spacebound

I just came on this board for the first time to ask about PMS and saw your post. Apart from snappiness and anxiety, I think my worst symptom is waking too early in the week before my period.

I hadn’t realised before that the only time my sleep is so shit is just before my period is due. I did a bit of reading online and learned it’s because of a drop in a certain hormone. Not sure there is much I can do about it, but it made me feel a bit better to know it’s normal. I’m just trying to go to sleep as early as I can.

With regards to your irritation towards your husband, have you spoken to him about it? Explained that in the week before your period your moods can be erratic and you will probably need a bit of space? At least if you are both aware of it he maybe won’t take it to heart?

Eating everything in sight is normal during PMS. Im like a bear coming out of hibernation, munching everything in sight smile I eat pretty healthily the rest of the month so I don’t stress too much. Do you think it would help to go with the flow, rather than feeling guilty about it? Life is about balance and if you are healthy and physically active for the rest of your cycle then cut yourself some slack.

Do you take any multivitamins? I’m going to do some more reading online and see if there’s anything herbal that might help ease the symptoms a bit. I’m pretty sure that St Johns wort is meant to help.

Just out of interest are you on any contraception? If you don’t mind me asking.

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