Pelvic Organ Prolapse - feeling positive!

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GremlinDolphin1 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:43:03

In Jan this year I saw a gynaecologist who said I had a uterine prolapse and that a hysterectomy would sort it as I was too young (48) for a pessary.

He was quite dismissive of my questions about repairs or other options. I have no pain or other symptoms apart from being able to feel it sometimes when I wash or wipe and would like to avoid major surgery as long as I can.

Today I have seen a specialist women’s health physiotherapist and need to rave about her! She spent an hour with me, talked about my lifestyle, looked at my natural posture, examined me internally lying down, standing up, doing pelvic floor exercises, bearing down, relaxing, looked at my breathing, my diaphragm, my stomach - everything!

She agreed that surgery should be the very last resort in my case and we have agreed some strategies including managing, breathing and exercising before I see her again. She just “got” me and feel like a different person in how I view my prolapse (and body) now!

I am quite angry with how prolapse is viewed by surgeons and society in general and grateful to mumsnet and some POP pages on Facebook for helping me explore further options and suggesting that there even were other options to explore!

We must continue to support each other to get the most appropriate treatment for us as individuals whether surgery, management or exercise etc. Xx

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Aymd Tue 19-Mar-19 21:44:23

Hello, your post sounds great! I've been advised down the surgery route too and am not keen... can I ask where you are in the country and who your physio is? Thankyou!

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