Anyone else had borderline changes but normal recall in 3 years?

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AlexGeorge Tue 05-Mar-19 22:32:11

Would you wait this long or private retest at some point?

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Loopyloo02 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:51:01

Hi, I had a borderline result with evidence of hpv so was referred straight to coloposcopy where I had biopsys. All came back normal. 3 years later another normal. Just waiting on my next next month x

ScarlettDarling Wed 20-Mar-19 22:02:01

I had borderline changes on my last smear but it was negative for Hpv so no further treatment was required and I was put on the normal 3 year recall schedule. It's not been 3 years yet, hoping it's all normal when I go for my next one!

Monkeybunkey Thu 21-Mar-19 13:35:30

I had minor changes (hpv positive) and colposcopy last year. The nurse at the colposcopy clinic said she'd recommend yearly smears, but the results letter from the clinic confirmed minor changes that were likely to resolve on their own and next smear in three years. I was quite surprised at that, so it's reassuring to hear that others have had the same.

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