I've just done the most stupid thing....

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Ijustwanttochill Tue 05-Mar-19 22:30:21

And Googled my symptoms and now im scared to death 😟

For a few months now I have had irregular bleeding (I have always been like clockwork before that). For maybe 3 months now I can feel something inside me, TMI maybe, but it's like a tampon is in there but not far enough in, if you see what I mean. Every time I have sex I get period like pains for a couple of days. And recently I often have period like pains, my lower back hurts and my legs hurt. I also get shooting pains inside my bum at times, and quite often if I eat a good size meal I have to go to the toilet quickly after with quite a dodgy stomach.

Well I've been to the drs twice, both times they did an internal exam and said everything looks fine, but the second time I went she said she would do a referral to gynae. I've just done the wrong thing and Googled my symptoms and every time it comes up with cancer, mostly vaginal 😟 now I'm so worried I'm just hoping the referral doesn't take long!

Not sure what my point to all this is, I just wanted to tell someone how worried I am as don't want to panic my husband or kids!

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MellowMelly Tue 05-Mar-19 22:38:34

Is there a chance you might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? That’ll possibly explain some of your symptoms. Easily treated with Buscopan.
As for the irregular bleeding, it’s good to hear they are following it up with a referral. Try not to panic!

Ijustwanttochill Tue 05-Mar-19 22:47:48

Possibly! I think the thing that's stressing me out more than anything is this 'thing' I can feel inside me. I just keep thinking now after looking on the internet that it must be a tumour but keep telling myself they would have picked up on it when doing the internals. Also when I research it the symptoms i have are ones which would mean the cancer would be quite advanced so surely I would be losing weight etc?! I reallu wish i hadn't looked on the internet and just waited to see a gynae Dr! shock

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MellowMelly Tue 05-Mar-19 22:56:51

The back passage and the vaginal passage are very close together and sometimes with IBS I can feel as though there’s ‘something’ in my vagina. The IBS also causes period like pains and shooting pains up the back passage. Definitely worth trying Buscopan as I think you might find some of your symptoms will ease.

Don’t google anymore while you are waiting for your referral to go throughgrin The irregular bleeding could be a hormonal blip or something much less sinister than what Google is telling you smile

Ijustwanttochill Wed 06-Mar-19 06:54:22

Oh really! I didn't know you could get all of that with IBS! That's reassuring to know! I will go to the chemist today and get some of that and see how it goes. Thank you ❤

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picklemepopcorn Wed 06-Mar-19 07:27:52

You could have a rear wall prolapse, a bit like a hernia.

Try not to worry! Just take a day at a time until the appointment.

Ijustwanttochill Wed 06-Mar-19 07:59:33

Would it be possible they could miss that while doing the internal? Thank you, I keep trying not to think about it but it keeps just coming back in my head 🙈 xx

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newlyfrugal Wed 06-Mar-19 09:01:10

I'd be very surprised if they would miss a tumour during an internal. Particularly if you can feel it. I have a lot of your symptoms and have just assumed a mix of ibs and dodgy periods. My bleeding in between periods is due to cervical erosion. Try not to worry!

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