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Purplegecko Tue 05-Mar-19 14:41:03

My copper coil cut my partner rather badly back in December. We went to the doctors believing it to have moved and lo and behold it had. Month later, ultrasound to confirm as such.
Was told I'd have it removed today (5th March). I rang up to check where this would be this morning and was told its a phone appointment. This was meant to be at 2pm and they never called.
I have taken the afternoon off work for this and missed lectures at Uni. I am now in discomfort myself and we haven't been able to have sex since December. I'm frustrated and upset, and I want this thing out of my body. I can't find anywhere that will take it out, have tried the local sexual health clinic, even BPAS, they can insert one but can't remove one. Doctors won't remove it til I have this telephone appointment but next availability won't be for another month at least.
I'm desperate at this point, anyone else been through this or can offer advice?

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Bomato Mon 11-Mar-19 18:13:45

That's ridiculous! Can you book a regular GP appointment and speak to them and explain it's been 3 months already and it's getting beyond a joke? Or do you have any family planning clinics near you?
Furious on your behalf X

Bomato Mon 11-Mar-19 18:15:35

Actually, as it is causing you pain, I would go to urgent care one morning. Not ideal but also not your fault it hasn't been sorted out any other way.

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