Bacterial Vaginosis

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PineappleTart Tue 26-Feb-19 15:34:18

Firstly apologies, guessing a fair bit of this is way tmi but here goes.

At the end of last year I phoned the dr after suffering a smelly discharge and wiping blood. I provided samples and a few days later got a call to say I had BV and to collect a prescription. 5 tablets which I took and quickly resolved itself. Read up on it a fair bit and made sure nothing I do is likely to aggravate it.

At the start of this month symptoms are back, so I waited a week (because quite frankly I was a bit embarrassed to have to tell the receptionist I have a whiffy vagina) and when the nurse called back we went through the symptoms etc and I was given another prescription. Except this time although I'm no longer wiping red it's like a dark muddy brown. This has been going on for over 10 days now. Added to this the whiff is back sad

When I spoke to the nurse with this bout she suggested live yoghurt but having read up more about this it seems that this is more useful for thrush.

I am not someone who likes having to go to the drs and I'm always worried that they think I'm a hypochondriac but this is really getting to me. I'm worried that others will be able to smell me and it's horrible.

I've ordered some probiotic live cultures in the hope that that helps but I'm just looking for reassurance, do you think this is just taking longer to clear up? Do I need to phone again?

Thanks if you've made it this far gin

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