Can you feel coil during sex?

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gigiriri Mon 18-Feb-19 20:29:06

Just posted this is AMA by mistake.

I amm currently on the depo injection but I am acne prone and it was made me breakout horribly. I have a live condition which means I can't take the combined pill so ideally I want something with no hormones because I HATE this acne. I booked in to have the copper coil but cancelled because:

1. I'm scared of the pain of insertion. I gave birth four and a half months ago.

2. I've heard it can make you taste and smell metallic down

3. I've also heard that it can be felt by the man during sex.

Has anyone ever experienced any of this? Also how painful was your insertion?

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WombOfHerOwn Mon 18-Feb-19 20:33:39

I haven’t got one at the moment but I’ve had both the mirena and the copper coil at various stages. It wasn’t very painful to insert and actually just after birth it is easier again as your cervix may be more receptive to having something pass through it! No smell or taste issues and no it couldn’t be felt. The coil is in your uterus so unless it had moved out of place there’s no way it should be felt, even the strings that hang down from it couldnt be felt by your partner as long as they are left at a decent, but not too great, length.

I liked having the coil, periods a little heavier but that could also have been post pregnancy related. I enjoyed the peace of mind and the non-hormonal element of it.

Zofloramummy Mon 18-Feb-19 20:36:59

I’ve had the copper coil for nearly 5 years. No smell, no taste, no awareness that I have one during sex.
In terms of periods? Not really any different at all.
I had an emergency section so have never ‘birthed’ a child through my cervix (they could see her ear but she got stuck). It’s uncomfortable but not painful.
I know I have a good contraceptive device and no nasty hormones.

paap1975 Tue 05-Mar-19 12:53:52

Just got my coil last week. Pain lasted a few secnnds, but I haven't had any babies, so my cervix has never been stretched. The coil is in the uterus. There is a barrier (your cervix), between your uterus and your vagina, so your partner won't be able to feel anything. There are some ggod videos on YouTube.
Nice to know I don't have to worry about contraception for 5 years!

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