Pre cycle bleeding? Advice or other experiences?

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Dollymix123 Sun 10-Feb-19 14:54:35

Hello wondered if anyone had similar experience.

My periods have always been regular.
I always ovulated at the same time each month. I know this as I feel cramps and then have eycm.

The last 10 months I have felt like I have been ovulating multiple times in the month. I feel the cramps and the eycm.
My periods have also got heavier and lasted longer.

The last 3 months I have bled constantly.
I have known when it has been my period. And when it has not. As when it is not it calms down, to light spotting. Then I will flood and pass clots. The size of my thumb. I am also experiencing a different type of pain.
My period is just as heavy and the same pain. But seems to last longer.

I went to the doctor 4 weeks after this started. I was referred and am still waiting for this appointment.
I had enough last week and managed to get them to check me for an infection. Which came back clear.

I'm worried. And I usually don't get upset about much. But the clots and flooding...
I was in the shop today and I had only had light spotting... Then felt like I peed myself. I then realised that I had bled through my jeans. And when I got home another large clot. My period isn't due for another 2 weeks. This has happened several times including at work. So I will need to be wearing pads all the time until I work out why my body is doing this.

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missnjp Sun 10-Feb-19 19:21:01

Hi. My advice would be make an appointment to see your GP and they will do further tests to find out why your bleeding.. there's loads of things that can cause bleeding tho but please go and see your GP.

Dollymix123 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:29:11

I am going today. Off work too. Just feel stressed and also keep flooding. Doctors tomorrow for a scan and internal scan I think.

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Dollymix123 Wed 13-Feb-19 19:45:22

Had doctors appointment. Had an internal.and external scan..And there was nothing untoward. She wouldn't tell me anything else other Than I need to see the doctor that referred me.
I'm still flooding. Still feeling pain and uncomfortable twinges feel exhausted. It's embarrassing as I'm struggling to control it at work.
And sudden movements, coughs, sneezing or actions is causing me to flood and fill a pad.
I'm paranoid that I smell. And I've been like this since the start of December.
Anyone able to offer advice?

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Dollymix123 Tue 19-Feb-19 18:49:25

I'm still going to post here
As someone will no doubt read this.

My sister started similar bleeding 2 months before me. She has now been diagnosed with cervical cancer. I'm mortified.

The doctors appointments i have had, after each appointment I am told to make another appointment but each one is 4 weeks ahead.
After hearing that my sister has cervical cancer i managed to get them to move my appointments to next week rather than mid March. I have been referred to the hospital for more tests.

My symptoms currently is a dull ache, pain in my pelvis on my left side.
I have started to take Cerrezette in the hope that this stops me bleeding
It has worked but now i get a dark brown discharge. Which is better then constantly flooding. The pain in my side is still there. And sometimes it hurts in my back.

I had managed to convince myself that I have a cyst in my ovary and that is what the problem is. But now I am concerned it is cancer.
I'll focus on supporting my sister. And making sure that I have all these tests in the hope that I have the all clear.

But I also read that sister's are at increase risk of cervical cancer if the other has it.

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HarryPlotter Tue 19-Feb-19 18:53:09

I have this at the moment but I have fibroids which is causing it. I am on Day 25 of bleeding with my new period due on Saturday. I have been waiting months for an appointment with a gynae which is in 3 weeks to see what we can do. Cancer never occurred to me!

It is awful and I feel very sorry for me, and now you too!

missnjp Tue 19-Feb-19 20:56:07

Have you asked to have a smear done?

Dollymix123 Tue 19-Feb-19 21:07:01

I have brought it forward. It was booked for 16th March. Even though I've asked for it since start of January. It will be next Monday now. Along with my bloods.
And I need to chase up the referrel to the hospital.
Every time I've had an appointment they have asked me to make another and it's 4 weeks. So its just dragging by. And you feel like you don't want to over exaggerate. But if it is cancer.i need to sort it now. I have 3 kids to think about.
My poor sister :-(

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Akrotiri1 Tue 19-Feb-19 21:31:22

Fibroids or cervical polyps? I had both and had bleeding on and off for 5 mnths, with extreme flooding around the time of my periods.

The bleeding finally stopped after polyp removal (3 of the blighters and only found at a smear). Have decided to live with the fibroids atm as fed up all the prodding and poking over the last few mnths.

I used incontinence pads to cope with the flooding.

So sorry to hear about your sister and hard not to think the 'c' word, and also appreciate how upsetting it is to have to wait several weeks between appointments - you just want answers, and you want them asap.

I feel that although my problems have been resolved, I lost 5 mnths of my life due to all the worry and sleepless nights.

Keeping everything crossed for you x

Dollymix123 Wed 20-Feb-19 06:17:20

Day 3 and I've stopped bleeding. Since I've been taking Cerrezette. And this seemed to stop it almost straightaway.

I still have pain in my pelvis. And pulling feelings. Like butterflies that I had when I was pregnant.

Its still not sunk in that my sister has cancer. She's a year younger than me. 32. And I would never have thought either of us could get this.

I'll phone the hospital this morning.
I've had a week off work. Managed to book a week of Annual leave. I was flooding last week constantly. I thought my bleeding was due to stress. And maybe fibroids. So I gave myself a timeout to bring the bleeding under control. So I can manage myself. And continue to work. I've just applied for my own job too. So not sure my employer will want to give it to me now knowing this.

Thank you for listening. As I say I will keep everyone updated of whether this is cancer or not. As I've tried to look up experiences and struggled to find any.

I've been stressed with my job and other things, so hope that this is just stress.

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missnjp Wed 20-Feb-19 09:23:23

So sorry about your sister and this has to be a very hard time for you... sending big hugs your way!!
There are lots of different reasons for your bleeding so please try and not worry too much (easier said than done I know) my mum bled heavy for years and had every test you could think of and doc and hospital never found the reason as to why.. she ended up getting a hysterectomy to solve it! But get your smear and take things from there. Don't be fobbed off tho as you know your body better than anyone. I'm here if you want to chat!

Dollymix123 Wed 20-Feb-19 12:48:39

Thank you.

Doctors have put in a referel in the post to the hospital. And I have asked doctor to phone me back. But the receptionist just said if she has time.
Everything seems so rushed, stressful and careless.

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Dollymix123 Thu 21-Feb-19 06:13:53

Managed to get a phone consultation last night with the doctor who originally referred me for a scan.
I explained that my sister has cc. Our symptoms are similar. Also that I was taking Cerrezette and the bleeding was stopping. I am not flooding anymore.

She said. That I could not have cc as my bleeding is different to my sister's and from what she has seen of me, as I would only bleed during sex.
My sister woke up in a pool blood. And that I just continued to bleed and flood for the whole 3 months.

Anyway she is now referring me to the gynacology department as well as for an ultrasound.

Either way whether it is or isn't I need checking. And whatever is causing this needs sorting.

Yesterday I have cramps and pain in my pelvis. And by the end of the day my lower back was sore. I took diclophenic but could still feel it. It feels like a radiating pain. Every now and then my legs hurt.

I'll continue to post about this. Maybe it might help someone out.

I worry that it's in my head
Like when I thought I was pregnant but I wasn't.. you start feeling alsorts. Your brain goes into overdrive.

Can my brain make me feel pain? Or have I always felt it but just chose to ignore it.

Now looking at my original post, I have been cramping several times a month previously and put this down to ovulation cramps. I was always wet and but this also down to ovulation. What if it wasn't and these were the signs that I chose to ignore.
I also didn't get my smear done on time.

The last one was in 2014 just before I conceived my youngest daughter.
I was always busy and focussed on my job and my promotion.

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Dollymix123 Thu 21-Feb-19 06:15:53

Btw my bleeding is very similar to my sister's
Neither of us bled during sex. But difficult that a decision about my diagnoses has been made on a generalised opinion.

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Dollymix123 Thu 21-Feb-19 14:41:03

Today I have no bleeding
Pain in pelvis and lower back. Paracetomal and diclophenic haven't helped. More painful then yesterday. Feeling sorry for myself.

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Dollymix123 Sun 24-Feb-19 07:22:48

Still driving myself insane.

Still bad back
Cramping and pain in tummy. Twinges around cervix.
Discharge is thick grey stuff tinged with blood. Feels irritating like thrush would.

So really I could just have a new polyp, a slipped disc, tummy cramp and thrush.

I did have one polyp before. But can feel a swollen bulge on one side of my cervix. Along with a 2nd polyp. I suppose I will have a better idea after my smear tomorrow.

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Dollymix123 Mon 25-Feb-19 14:09:11

Bloods taken and smear also done.
Apparently my cervix looks healthy.
Still in pain. Still bleeding.

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missnjp Wed 27-Feb-19 15:31:02

How you feeling? Hope your feeling a little better. I'm still waiting on my smear results been 3weeks now. Actually so worried about it as 6months ago my results were minor changes.

Dollymix123 Wed 27-Feb-19 15:41:20

It's such a worrying time.

I went back to the doctors today
They said my bloods were fine. Not sure what that means. But then I think they are checking my organ function. They have referred me to gynacology so hopefully that will help to identify what is wrong.

What does small changes mean. So they just keep monitoring you?

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missnjp Wed 27-Feb-19 21:51:38

I'm not sure what it means, this is all new to me iv always had normal smears up until 6months ago, I live in Scotland so been having smears since I was 20 I'm 32 this year so I'm hoping that I will be okay but I'm such a worrier so I'm worried sick I can't sleep or anything.. I also have cervical erosion so not sure if that's the issue.

I really am sure you will be okay, bloods coming back fine is good news! There are so many reasons as to why your bleeding and having pains etc.. so try not to worry! ( easier said than done I know as I'm the biggest worrier ever) hope your sister is doing well.. sending big hugs your way hun. X

Dollymix123 Thu 28-Feb-19 05:58:55

I'm Scotland too

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BeeMyBaby Thu 28-Feb-19 08:31:26

Not much to add but I bled for about a month last year and went to the gp who said that in general bleeding is fine if you feel well in yourself. However as you obviously do not feel well at all it's really good that you are pushing the gp so much and refusing to settle for the brush off. I hope you're results are clear and they find something non scary which is causing it, but you are definitely not over reacting and I think too often gps minimise symptoms and say they are nothing.

ReaganSomerset Thu 28-Feb-19 08:39:00

If you can, OP, go private. I think the nhs is failing you and also, that if a man was bleeding like this out of his back passage they'd have sorted it by now!

Dollymix123 Thu 28-Feb-19 18:18:52

Pain hasn't been too bad today.
Still there. Took naproxen first thing so not sure if that helped.
Bleeding is there but just heavier then spotting.
And I've just been taking it easy at work. No overtime and just doing what I have to.

I do feel like the doctors have brushed me off. Because even the increase in discharge or the mid cycle cramps have been dismissed with a logical explanation.
And getting an appointment has been so difficult to organise.

I'm the sort of person who only goes to doctors when there is something really wrong.

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ReaganSomerset Thu 28-Feb-19 18:57:24

Is there any way you could afford a private GP consultation? You don't even need private treatment, they can refer you for NHS care once a diagnosis is made (I think they mighy even be able to do that before a diagnosis is made, but don't quote me on that).

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