What is spotting?

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grumblina Sun 10-Feb-19 09:39:02

Obviously I know what it is but I mean what does it actually look like?

Over the last 21/2 years I’ve had maybe 3 incidents where around the time of ovulation I had had a small strand of blood in my discharge - literally one strand on the loo roll then nothing. Would you class this as spotting? I have had a clear smear, but also been told I have a cervical ectropian. These incidents also seem to coincide with stressful times or when I’m really anxious. 2 out of the 3 times I’ve also been on antibiotics (I have severe health anxiety so when I’m ill I go into horrible anxious episodes). I also have no bleeding after sex or anything.

Just looking for some advice really, is it most likely being caused by the ectropian or ovulation or a combination of both?

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grumblina Sun 10-Feb-19 10:17:29

Hopeful bump

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grumblina Sun 10-Feb-19 11:56:28


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Akrotiri1 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:59:47

Spotting occurs between periods, and in my view, is small amounts of blood which could warrant a panty liner or stain your pants without. When I had cervical polyps I 'spotted' on and off until they were removed - the blood varied in colour and was sometimes brown (older blood).

I had cervical erosion a few years ago and had exactly the same - small blood streaks when wiping but rare enough to stain pants or warrant a pad. Mine cleared up on its own, but definitely was worse if I was stressed, or over exercised (did a lot manual work and horse riding at the time). It lasted about 6 mnths.

If that is what you have been diagnosed with. I really wouldn't worry, especially if you have had a negative smear.

grumblina Sun 10-Feb-19 18:32:37

Thank you so much 😊

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Akrotiri1 Sun 10-Feb-19 22:29:23

My pleasure (though do bear in mind I am not medically qualified!!!) x

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