PTSD & smear

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ks54139 Fri 08-Feb-19 15:02:27

Hi all,
I'm hoping for some advice. I had my daughter 4 months ago and have been seeing a therapist for the last month for PTSD after a traumatic birth. We are doing well but the problem is I'm due a smear and keep getting letters. I'm really scared to go for the test as I can't bear the thought of anyone else manhandling me. I've had one really unpleasant smear in the past, and since the birth I've really lost all trust in medical professionals, including my gp. I don't like the nurse at my surgery - she's very brusque and I don't think would be sympathetic if I tried to explain. I'm getting anxious just writing this. So I'm wondering if anyone can advise me where else I can go in London to get it done, or what I might do to see someone who understands that I am likely to have a meltdown... any advice really welcomed,

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