Not TSS but a different infection?

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Jaimx86 Tue 22-Jan-19 11:07:59

I ‘lost’ a tampon for a couple of days two weeks ago, and noticed as my vagina felt really sore, and it was swollen as I retrieved the tampon.

Later in the day I developed awful stomach cramps and huge bloating, and this continued with diarrhea. I thought it was an awful stomach bug, as it knocked me off my feet and out of work. I then spent a week back to normalish, but very fatigued. Going to sleep straight after work, and eyeing up places at work I could take a nap. This weekend, I then developed cystitis and a fever.

Could this all be linked to the tampon? Should I get more medical advice, or just wait for the antibiotics to treat the cystitis. It’s all happened in a two week window.

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Jaimx86 Tue 22-Jan-19 14:05:13

Bump ^
I now have an appointment with my Dr and have spoken to 111 but wonder if anyone else has experienced similar.

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