Aerobic exercise after 3.5 months of giving birth?

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Nadi18 Sun 20-Jan-19 22:57:10

I just had a baby 3.5 months ago. Last week i joined the gym- did some high impact zumba and spinning. The thing is my knees and ankles hurt. They were already weak before pregnancy. I have searched online and there is a difference of opinion when you can start high impact aerobics after birth. I want to shift some weight before going for holidays in a month.

Does anyone of you have any personal experiences or knowledge abour this? Thanks alotsmile

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Verbena87 Sun 20-Jan-19 23:12:46

if you’re breastfeeding that can apparently cause laxness in your ligaments which can contribute to joint injuries from impact exercise and heavy lifting (I’m a bit unsure about this: I’m still breastfeeding and ran hilly cross country today, and I think my ankles and hips are stronger than pre-baby. He’s 16 months now though so feel like maybe my body’s adapted)

My main concern would be whether your pelvic floor’s sufficiently recovered from pregnancy/birth to withstand the pressure created by impact aerobics. I had a huge baby and birth injuries including prolapse so am probably an extreme example, but it took 6 months of core work (post-natal Pilates mostly) and pelvic floor physio to feel even slightly normal, and a year before I could run without buggering up my body.

If you’ve been doing 3 sets of 10 long/10 short pelvic floor contractions a day since the birth, had an ok birth and feel good during and after the exercise you’re probably ok, but I’d be cautious.

Spinning is good cardio with less impact if you’re dead set on it, but if it’s for being a certain size/shape for holiday rather than managing mental health I’d try to just cut yourself some slack and give your body more time.

Auntiepatricia Sun 20-Jan-19 23:16:29

If it hurts, if you tummy muscles are going done shaped, you stop. Build up slowly. There’s no awards for being back at the gym earlier than your body is ready. Some people are ready after 6 days, some 6 months.

Auntiepatricia Sun 20-Jan-19 23:17:03

Dome shaped!

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