Spotting/bleeding issues getting me down.

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nonway999 Thu 17-Jan-19 22:36:08

Hi, help needed!

Came off pill over a year ago now. Periods are kind of regular, I get them once a month, but cycles vary from 23-37 days ish.

Had a smear in April 18 which came back for HPV but no cell changes noted.

In summer 18 whilst in a brief relationship I notice bleeding after sex every time. Doctor does STD tests, they come back clear. He said it could be a cervical polyp but I have yet to get that checked out by a nurse (I’m now probably going to tie this in with my smear which is upcoming).

Anyway. No longer having sex, but the last few periods have been odd e.g very light stop/start flow for a few days and then a few days of very heavy flow.

Im currently on cycle day 32. I thought I’d come on yesterday - I noticed bright red blood when I wiped after peeing, and then browny discharge for a few hours after. However today I’ve had absolutely nothing?

Obviously I will be checking this out with dr and nurse when I can, but does anyone else have any similar experiences? I also suffer very badly with acne and I’m wondering if I have PCOS even

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Akrotiri1 Fri 18-Jan-19 22:02:53

I have just had 3 cervical polyps removed - like you not on contraception, bleeding after sex and spotting between periods (plus brown discharge).

This spotting/bleeding between periods has been going on since last Oct.

However now stopped! Took a couple of weeks after the polyp removal as had to have the LLETZ procedure on 2 out of the 3 so was warned I would have bleeding/discharge for up to 4 weeks.

So hopefully it will be a polyp for you too - my biggest one was the size of a cherry tomato!

Good luck and the main thing is you are getting checked out.


nonway999 Sat 19-Jan-19 12:45:58

Wow thank you so much Akrotiri1, really helpful to hear. Hopefully it’s a polyp... is the removal process nasty!?

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Akrotiri1 Sat 19-Jan-19 14:35:25

Depends on the polyp! My big one was actually the easiest to remove, just twisted off with forceps (sounds gruesome but totally painless). The other 2 didn't have stalks, so had to be lasered off and had to have a local anaesthetic into the cervix. Took about 3 weeks for the bleeding/discharge to stop after........but to have no spotting/bleeding now is such a relief.

Good luck!

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