4cm Ovarian Cyst WORRIED...Mirena? or Levothyroxine? Just need advice

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mom2daisypie Tue 15-Jan-19 18:55:52


So after several months of recurring IBS I went to my GP who wasn't concerned and told me to cut out wheat for a few weeks. I did, and my symptoms have improved.

I have also been experiencing intermittent bleeding and discharge and have been told that my coil needs replacing (its been in 4 years). The GP couldn't find the strings so I was sent for an Ultrasound. At the same time I asked if they could take a look at my ovaries (a friend has recently been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and so I suppose I was being paranoid).

They couldn't find my right ovary so did an internal. The Radiographer at the time said she couldn't see anything of concern, but today I visited he GP who told me I have a 4cm ovarian cyst on the right ovary and need another scan in 12 weeks. She said its a Hemoragic cyst? meaning it could bleed?

I don't know whether to worry or not? I read somewhere that being exposed to thyroid medication can cause cysts to grow? does anyone know anything about this? what about the hormones in Mirena? Might they have caused it to grow?

I have never had any gyny problems and have 2 small children so I'm just freaking out a little bit and just want some advice or thoughts from more experienced people.


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JinglingHellsBells Tue 15-Jan-19 19:20:38

Ovarian cysts are really common- loads of women have them and would never know unless they had a scan for something else ( that was me.)

The rule is that anything under 5 cms is usually 'okay' and they just monitor. If you are young ( not post menopause) the risks of it being cancer are very small.

The Mirena should not affect it- if it did, it would be a noted 'side effect' and something that had been picked up during trials or amongst women who use it.

It's highly likely that at your next scan it may well have disappeared.

mom2daisypie Tue 15-Jan-19 19:41:37

thank you for replying - I appreciate it.

I think knowing someone currently going through Ovarian cancer (post op now and having chemo) just made me panic.

I have another scan in 12 weeks so will keep my fingers crossed that it hasn't grown. I've read that it could rupture being a heamoragic cyst so thats a bit worrying but presumably it's just pain if they do, nothing more serious?

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