Mirena problem - discharge

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PookieDo Sun 13-Jan-19 23:46:31

I am going to the clinic on Thursday to ask but I can’t even find much about this online and don’t know if anyone has had this. I’ve had this in for about 2 months

Either I have developed a sudden incontience issue or I am ‘gushing’ clear discharge randomly. I honestly don’t think it’s pee as it doesn’t smell like pee. It’s clear I think and odourless. It’s driving me completely bonkers as it’s so random and soaks me. Not brought on by anything in particular like movement. I’m due on right now and the gushing keeps making me run to the loo thinking it’s my period but it’s clear fluid. I have cramps in my left side this evening and often mild cramps in my lower back since insertion. No bleeding!

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