Smear at 51

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JinglingHellsBells Mon 14-Jan-19 17:59:38

silly question ( from me) but if your periods are irregular- is this not a period?

Smears shouldn't cause this- just a coincidence?

JohnnysFanny Sun 13-Jan-19 19:03:45

I had a smear test a week ago - very overdue unfortunately - and I have been bleeding ever since. It is mainly dark brown with lots of bits (clots?) and occasionally it is bright red. I have had some cramping too.

I am 51 so I know my hormones are probably all over the place. I am still having periods but they are quite sporadic so I can't track them properly. When I do have them they are very heavy and (sorry TMI( I flood a lot and the last one was before Christmas.

I have seen a gynae once before who said that I have fibroids but was quite dismissive.

I am very concerned, and would really appreciate some input from anyone who has an experience or can help at all please?

Thank you

JF xx

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