Contiform pessary - anyone used one successfully?

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CathC Thu 10-Jan-19 20:26:19

I've suffered with urinary stress incontinence since the birth of my first child 10 years ago. I've thoroughly had enough of it now and got referred to a urodynamics physio who recommended pelvic floor exercises. She also introduced me to the Contiform which should prevent me from leaking when I exercise. My first experience of it today has not been positive. Has anyone else used them? I can't seem to find any reviews of them online.

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higgyhog Fri 22-Mar-19 10:13:24

How are you getting on cathC? I have been doing pelvic floor exercises on direction of women's health phisio for 12 weeks now. My main problems are running, deadlifts, sit ups from the floor and - this is the one that matters most- horse riding. I get a slow leak with lots of trotting and a real gush when a horse takes off into canter (controlled transition OK in school, but out on a hack it is more abrupt).

I've certainly improved, visiting the loo less at night, no worries about the normal stuff like sneezing or coughing. The problem with riding continues and this week phisio has suggested using a Contiform while I continue with the exercises. I feel a bit sad as I really want to be "mended" . my phisio has said that there are no devices she recommends to boost the effectiveness of the pelvic floor exercises (weights, elecric gadgets etc. ) At this stage i'd like to hear from ayone who has used a contiform and if anyone can recommend any of the other gadgets. She was very negative about surgery and my problem is not - in the greater scheme of things- that severe.

Shiningivy Tue 26-Mar-19 08:45:22

Hi both
My first experience of contiform has not been successful either, although I really want it to work. I am 61, 5 grown up kids and have 2 horses so I absolutely relate to the issues when riding.
My physio says that there is a ring that be be inserted and left in for up to six months. If I can’t get on with contiform, it may be worth considering that instead? Good luck to you both I hope you manage to sort it OK

higgyhog Tue 14-May-19 09:48:59

Just to update. I can't get on with Contiform. there are three in the starter pack and she suggested I see how it went with the medium. The large is so big I didn't hold out much hope of getting it in anyway. You have to hold it in a sort of twisted up position but I've found that ven with lube I can't hold on to it in that folded state to get it far enough up that I can't feel it, so I know it is in the wrong position. I wish it had some sort of applicator or was more like a tampon. I have to go back to see the phisio this Friday, hope she can suggest something else.

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