Bladder prolapse and pilates

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teabag20048 Mon 07-Jan-19 12:07:51

I was hoping to try pilates but have been reading contradicting advice as whether it is suitable for someone with a bladder prolapse? Any advice please.

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bengalcat Mon 07-Jan-19 12:08:41

Pilates is fine .

KatyWhatsit Mon 07-Jan-19 15:24:57

Pilates is not fine.
Some exercises are damaging.

Find the website of the women's physio Michelle Kenway. Look for videos/ text on which Pilates are dangerous for prolapse.

if I have time I will find and link.

KatyWhatsit Mon 07-Jan-19 15:26:14

exercises to avoid

bengalcat Mon 07-Jan-19 15:30:44

Can I suggest you ask the doctor / physio who diagnosed and manages your bladder prolapse

KatyWhatsit Mon 07-Jan-19 16:11:29

Most GPs don't know enough on this

The link is from an expert physio

bengalcat Mon 07-Jan-19 16:14:57

It’s an Australian link not that the pelvic floor is any different over there . Gynaecologists and physios manage pelvic floor problems in the UK . OP may not have consulted on her problem .

teabag20048 Mon 07-Jan-19 20:15:06

I have been diagnosed by a gynaecologist. The options given were to leave it as at the time it wasn't causing any problems or surgery. I decided to leave it but now I am having more problems with it I thought pilates may help with strengthening the core. I am going to ask to be referred to a women's health physio, this was never offered as an option.

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bengalcat Mon 07-Jan-19 21:36:43

Physio is a goid way forward - many work closely with urogynaes/ Gynaes and can refer you back if needed . On another note all the Pilates teachers I know come across as being very sensible and knowledgable and you could have a private word with one before a class as to what if any exercises in their class you should avoid or modify . Good luck .

KatyWhatsit Tue 08-Jan-19 09:19:43


Michelle Kenway- on the link- is an expert physio on women's pelvic health ( and yes, women's pelvic floors are the same in Oz!)

I have her book on pelvic floor safe exercises, and the DVD which I bought, as I had a repair 25 years ago.

You can find some excellent YouTube videos on her site . In the past she used to answer questions on the site but I think she'd stopped- possibly due to demand /lack of time.

If your prolapse bothers you, do think about the repair. I don't regret having it done but you do need to be careful for life, with lifting and any impact exercises that might undo the work.

Good luck.

Verbena87 Fri 18-Jan-19 22:48:42

I did a year of Pilates after the birth that caused mine, instructor is a qualified physio specialising in post-partum though, knew about my prolapse, and helped me adapt exercises as required.

Along with electrical stimulation and enough kegels to bore me half to death, it’s helped me improve my prolapse to the point where while there’s still a bulge it is no longer uncomfortable/symptomatic.

I do think learning to listen to and trust your body is key; I can tell after a couple of reps of an exercise whether it’s going to exacerbate symptoms or not by paying attention to heaviness in my pelvic floor and whether it feels overloaded.

Good luck.

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