When will I get a period?

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JustBeenNosey Sun 06-Jan-19 19:17:00

So I took my last contraceptive pill on NYE, was on cerrelle for about a year and had the injection for about a year and was on the pill before that.

I wanted to come off to try help my mental health and I split up with my bf on NYD so thought it was the perfect opportunity to stop taking it and see what happens.

I can't remember the last time I had a period, maybe 2-3 years ago?

How long after stopping my pill should I get a period? Not had any cramps or weird feelings or anything just yet..

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dementedpixie Sun 06-Jan-19 19:22:47

It could take a few weeks

Pastaallday Sun 06-Jan-19 19:25:51

Took me about 10 weeks.

JustBeenNosey Sun 06-Jan-19 19:30:12

Ohh okay! I thought it might take a while with me not having a period for so long and been on contraception for about 10 years

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JustBeenNosey Sun 06-Jan-19 19:33:48

I've just got this feeling it's going to be awful, with bad cramps and just so heavy 😩

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PlugUgly1980 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:37:15

Took me almost 12 months!

veeboo Sun 06-Jan-19 19:38:51

I had one after 3 weeks then a 'normsl'one a month after that

JustBeenNosey Sun 06-Jan-19 19:44:15

Did it take long to get back to a normal cycle?

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Pastaallday Sun 06-Jan-19 20:41:45

I came off the pill in Septmeber, had my first period end of November and am now pregnant smile. I tracked my ovulation though so knew when to DTD in December.

bea179 Sun 06-Jan-19 21:01:26

I stopped taking cerelle in November, while I was bleeding. A month later I had a normal period.

tablelegs Sun 06-Jan-19 21:51:31

I was 5 weeks before I had a bleed coming off cerelle.

JustBeenNosey Mon 07-Jan-19 08:09:09

@bea179 did you have periods while taking it?

@Pastaallday congrats! I'm hoping to track it on my Fitbit because the only reason I initially went on the pill when I was at school was to regulate them as they weren't regular. And deffo not coming off to get pregnant!! 👶🏼❌

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bea179 Mon 07-Jan-19 08:28:28

Yeah but really randomly. So I'd go months and months with nothing then have a bleed. There wasn't any pattern or anything to it. I just happened to be bleeding when I finished my packet smile

vickibee Mon 07-Jan-19 08:29:48

Took me about ten months.

JustBeenNosey Mon 07-Jan-19 08:42:50

@bea179 oh that's odd.. I never bled on cerrelle or the injection! That's why I'm dreading my next one because I've got this feeling it's just going to be really heavy 😩

@vickibee oh that's a long time isn't it!

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Pastaallday Mon 07-Jan-19 22:50:15

@JustBeenNosey oops sorry my bad! With TTC on the brain for a while now I forget that not everyone coming off the pill wants to get pregnant!

JustBeenNosey Tue 08-Jan-19 06:58:21

@Pastaallday haha no worries! I might sound stupid but what's 'TTC' Stand for? Is it trying to conceive? X

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Pastaallday Fri 11-Jan-19 19:28:45

@JustBeenNosey yes!

JustBeenNosey Fri 11-Jan-19 19:30:11

@Pastaallday ahh I thought so! I get most of the abbreviations and stuff but the pregnancy ones just baffles me sometimes hahah

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JustBeenNosey Wed 16-Jan-19 17:36:16

On a good note.. I've noticed my skin has massively cleared up since coming off the pill 😬😁😁

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bea179 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:54:26

My skin cleared up loads too!

JustBeenNosey Thu 17-Jan-19 06:45:49

@bea179 I only really noticed it tonight but I'm so happy! I never really had problems with my skin other than the usual breakout when I had my period but since I went on the pill this time, I had constant spots on my forehead or around my chin 😒

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