Heavy period for 6 weeks

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Rosesandchocolate Sun 06-Jan-19 03:49:49

Sorry if TMI

I’ve been to ththis gp and I’ve gotten no answers.
My periods are erratic sometimes I have them other times I can go without getting them at all. Within the last 12 months my periods have been crazy and even more for about 6-7 months I’ve been spotting between periods, and they are lasting a lot longer (although still irregular) sometimes lasting 2 weeks or 4 weeks. I don’t just mean light spotting it’s really heavy to the point I get atleast 3-4 clots a day larger than a 50p. I wear 3 pads at once as the flow is so heavy and I still leak onto underwear and clothes. I getting through packs of pads a day. I return to work on Monday I’m taking several backup trousers.
I explained this to my gp about 2 months ago, they said I don’t need an ultrasound as I’ve had one within the last 12 months which was ok, I don’t need blood test as again I’ve had it within 12 months and I’ve had a smear about a year ago too. They just gave me the pill and said it should all stop.
It didn’t work I continued to spot and bleed. I’m not sure what to do as they aren’t taking me seriously. I’m in so much pain my lower back hurts particularly in on my left side.i feel dizzy and so weak and unwell.
Could anyone advice me on anything at all? Have you suffered from heavy prolonged periods? If so did you find out th reason? What can I do to get my gp to take me seriously. Could something have developed in the last few months? As my bleeding is worse now more than ever.

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JinglingHellsBells Sun 06-Jan-19 07:38:57

Go back to your GP and insist on a referral to a gynaecologist.

Your GP is clearly out of their depth.

You need all those tests again, plus blood test, and maybe other investigations.

Your treatment might include the Mirena coil- better than the Pill - or an ablation.

It's really terrible you are being fobbed off like this. Have they tested you for anaemia as well?

Rafabella Sun 06-Jan-19 07:49:44

I am so sad and shocked to read this. Previous poster is absolutely correct, your GP is well out of their depth. You must call the practice first thing and insist on a referral to a specialist. This could take some weeks though if you don't have private cover? In the meantime, they will need to address the severe blood loss with prescription iron etc. Your alternative, depending on your area, is to go straight to A&E. Sit and wait for a blood test and scan, X-ray etc. I hope you get to the bottom of this.

Rosesandchocolate Sun 06-Jan-19 22:18:05

Thanks you @rafabella and @jinglinghellsbells I’m going back to the gp, I haven’t been tested for anemia but I will ask them again to have my iron levels checked. Thank you

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MiniMum97 Sun 06-Jan-19 22:36:31

I am frankly flabbergasted at your GPs response. To not even check you for Anaemia! Wow! Agree with other posters. You need a gynaecologist referral.

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