Really sore and painful breast

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Lmh1975 Sat 05-Jan-19 12:20:16

Hi ladies. I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I’m 43 and am used to getting tender breasts every month (heavy, tender, ‘don’t touch me’ kind of thing!). However they didn’t go away this last cycle and then I got a really sore sharp and stabbing pain in my right breast that is not related to my cycle and getting worse. I saw my GP and have got an urgent referral to the breast clinic next week. When I look online for ‘localised sharp pain not related to period’ all I can find, other than inflammatory breast cancer, is that it may be due to breastfeeding, previous surgery or trauma to the breast - none of which are applicable to me. Also the Gp didn’t feel any lump so unlikely to be a cyst. It’s really painful in one area, totally unlike my normal breast pain and ibuprofen isn’t touching it! Has anyone else had a really really painful sharp and sore breast not related to period that turned out to be something benign?

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lljkk Sat 05-Jan-19 15:29:04

I had one, including a lump, all gone by time my appt came thru, in fact.

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