Periods gone! Could be Peri-Menopause / 4.5 year oldMirena / Something else

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PopUpAd Mon 31-Dec-18 15:51:07

So I had a Mirena fitted 4.5 years ago, all good, periods didn't stop just a regular very light monthly bleed.

I'm 43 and for the last 6 months my periods are practically nonexistent, just a bit of light spotting.

Could it be the Mirena? It just seems such a long time for it to have taken to stop my periods.

Was also thinking about menopause? Iam I too young at 43? I don't have any other symptoms.

And of cause at the back of my mind I'm really worried that its something more sinister.

Anybody have any similar experiences with Mirena / menopause?

Thanks x

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allthingsred Mon 31-Dec-18 15:54:40

I've had my mirena in 9 yrs ( just not got round to getting it changed) & still no period. Other than a light spotting every now & then
Everything seems ok with mine & obviously still working or period would have come back.
Check with docs if your worried though. Better to be safe than sorry

PopUpAd Tue 01-Jan-19 12:16:04

Thanks allthingsred

Can I ask how long it took for your periods to stop after having the coil fitted? From other experiences I have read it seems to happen in the first year which is why I find it confusing happening after so long.

You're right I will have to book into the Doctors, I just hate going as they never seem very empathetic to "womans problems"! Plus appointments take around 4weeks and I work irregular hours so its difficult to plan ahead.

Happy New Year to anyone reading wine

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