Tubes tied during C Section? Or Coil?

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rockchickchickyrock Sun 30-Dec-18 21:13:40

Hello, I was wondering whether any of you might be able to help by sharing your experiences of having your tubes tied during your c section or the Coil?

I’m due DC3 very soon, I’m almost 40 and this will be our last baby and my 3rd c section. The consultant mentioned that sterilisation can be done during the section if I decide I would like it but I’m not sure, despite googling and searching threads on mumsnet, but can’t see any threads in recent years so wondering whether things are any different these days to say 5 years ago?

I can’t decide whether to just go for it as they will be in there so might as well... but with each DC my periods have gotten heavier. Not painful but just very heavy, having to double up with plus size tampon and night time pad for days 1/2 with the odd leakage and they last 5 days. I don’t feel unwell with it however, just hate the yukkiness of it all! (Sorry for the TMI just to give an idea) and I I’ve read that your periods can be heavier after?

Before kids I was on mercilon (pill you take for 21 days then 7 day break) and it was brilliant for me or so I thought (as my periods would last 3 days, not be too heavy and I liked being able to carry on without a break if I didn’t want a period/was going on holiday etc) but I also suffered from bouts of depression and have always struggled with my weight. So now I’m near 40 and BMI is too high, it’s not recommended.
I tried the mini pill after dc2 but it gave me huge mood swings, huge appetite and I just didn’t feel right on it.
I’ve got friends who rave about the Merina coil, however I’m concerned about the hormones/mood swings/weight control issue - but the birth control and reduced or no periods would be ideal for me. Also as I’ve not had a natural birth I’ve been told it can be quite a painful procedure inserting the coil? (One of my friends who hasn’t had children tried to have one and had to ask them to stop as too painful)

So I’m going round and round trying to decide the best option which I guess is two issues - BC and heavy periods.

My husband isn’t keen on having the snip at the moment, not sure whether he could be pursuaded in the future but I know I don’t want to go through another pregnancy.

The depression I mentioned further up also, I was doing a very stressful job and being bullied by my manager/in debt etc so a lot of things going on which the pill may or may not have helped. But when I had both of my DC, I didn’t get any postnatal depression which surprised me as I was fully expecting it given two or three bouts of it in my 20’s and being on anti-d’s for it... so I’m nervous about having hormones again and if I’m correct in thinking - the hormones from BC are what stop your periods?

Sorry for the long ramble - I’ve been trying to find the right BC for me since DC2 - and 3 was definitely planned and is wanted, I know I am done after this one. Thank you to anyone still reading!

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ppleasebob Sun 30-Dec-18 21:38:33

Hi, I was sterilised after my c-section 14 months ago. It was, for me, the best decision.

I was on the pill on and off (due to pregnancies) for nearly 20 years and I wanted to stop hormonal contraception.

My periods have become slightly longer (7 days as opposed to 5) but not really heavier, although I have heavy periods anyway.

I have heard that the 'heavier period' thing is due to the fact that the pill is meant to make periods lighter, so when you come off it they go back to normal (I.e heavier) but don't know how true that is.

My husband was unsure about the vasectomy as well (the constant pain for 1 in 10 men put us both off) and I thought I'm being opened up anyway, might as well do it at the same time!

Apparently though, it is more likely to fail if done via a c-section as your insides are swollen. My tubes were cut and a section removed, as opposed to tied - meant to make them less likely to rejoin.

Good luck, whatever you choose!

ALemonyPea Sun 30-Dec-18 21:45:55

I had my tubes done the same time as my third section. That took longer than the actual birth, added approx an extra half an hour on to the section. It was the best decision as I definitely didn't want any more DC.

Never had any issues with it. The first time I ovulated was a little painful, but that might also be birth related.

lorisparkle Sun 30-Dec-18 21:58:42

I have had 3 c sections but was not offered sterilisation. I was reluctant to go for the coil but after much thought I did. When the dr tried it was very painful so I was referred to the hospital. It was still really uncomfortable but I managed to get through it and am now glad I did. I have had no periods and whilst I get some mood swings nothing serious. Some people I know say the coil is the best thing they ever did, others hated it and had it removed!

Canshopwillshop Sun 30-Dec-18 22:01:32

I think you’ve done enough and it’s your DH’s turn to step up and take responsibility for contraception. Sod being ‘not keen’ or the 1 in 10 chance of problems - look at what everything we have to go through as women! I was clear with my DH that it was up to him after we had finished having children.

Canshopwillshop Sun 30-Dec-18 22:07:10

Sorry, just realised it’s also heavy periods that’s the issue which obv won’t be resolved by DH being snipped.

BakerBear Sun 30-Dec-18 22:07:22

I had my sterilisation at my c section 20 months ago.

They were cut and tied. The standard procedure these days is to place a plastic clip on your tubes and clamp them.

However my consultant said they dont do that at the hospital i was at during a c section as everything is swollen and when it settles down after birth the clips can become loose so they cut and tied them.

My periods are abit heavier than before but i had taken the pill for many years which gave me depression (i didnt realise this until i came off it to try for ds and couldnt believe how much better i felt!)

No problems up to now.

Phillipa12 Sun 30-Dec-18 22:09:19

I was sterilised on request during my 4th section 3 years ago. Best decision ever. Recovery was slightly more painful but not longer. My periods are heavier but as the consultant said, ive been on and off the pill for 25 years, my periods are standard periods for me, ive just been used to them being lighter due to other contraceptive methods.

rockchickchickyrock Sun 30-Dec-18 22:36:04

Thank you everyone for your replies, really appreciate it.

Can’t shop - totally agree and I said that to him- He would have one more given the chance it’s usually the other way around isn’t it!

I’m very tempted with the sterilisation, just then to tackle the periods or just put up and be happier.

Bakerbear - I had the same experience- on the pill for years then came off to try for DC1 and felt much better, amazing isn’t it!

I wonder whether there is anything a doctor could prescribe to reduce heavy periods?

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Canshopwillshop Mon 31-Dec-18 12:11:44

Rockychick - I think it’s definitely worth asking your GP about your heavy periods. Good luck with the birth.

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