Lump in breast 4 weeks after birth

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MummyKSA Wed 26-Dec-18 23:36:25

Hi..first time posting here (not sure if I’ve done it right!) I will be going to the doctors about this but wanted to know if anyone has had anything similar... I had a baby 4 weeks ago. I’m not breastfeeding and as far as I’m aware, my milk isn’t producing any more (nothing coming out of them anyway!) anyway, I haven’t checked my breasts for a while so thought I would tonight. I found a lump in one of them (possibly a smaller one in the other side but not 100% sure).. it’s a little smaller than a pea..could this be due to not long since having a baby? I’ve almost stopped bleeding..very little blood now.. I suffer so bad with health anxiety so in desperate need of reassurance until I can get in the doctors. Thanks in advance

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PoutySprout Wed 26-Dec-18 23:39:36

Is it red and hot? Could be a blocked duct.

MummyKSA Wed 26-Dec-18 23:44:45

No it's not red or hot. A little tender when I feel it.. but that's all

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OrdinaryGirl Thu 27-Dec-18 00:16:07

Two things:
1) Commonest things are commonest. Most lumps turn out to be nothing at all to worry about.
2) It is absolutely the responsible thing to do to make an appointment with your GP tomorrow for as soon as possible. Tell the receptionist why you need the appointment.

It might be something. It probably isn't. But you are a mum now and whatever happens, you will handle it. You've got through a pregnancy and a delivery - you're made of sterner stuff than you think. And we Mumsnetters are always here to provide a paw of support. 💪🏼 Thinking of you, OP.

needadviceeeee Thu 27-Dec-18 00:25:53

Defo go the gp but it sounds like a swollen milk duct to me, I had one after stopping breastfeeding and although you say you don't, the milk will still be there x

Shopkinsdoll Thu 27-Dec-18 00:31:53

I had this two weeks after I had my daughter. I was so worried, the doctor sent me to the breast clinic. Waited two weeks for my appointment. But the lump disappeared. Went to my appointment anyway just for a peace of mind. He told me it was prob a swollen milk duct.

cucumbergin Thu 27-Dec-18 00:46:22

It may well be a blocked milk duct - but if the GP does refer you for further screening, please don't panic, it's perfectly normal. 99%+ of women referred for that two week screening will get the all clear at that stage and it's far far better to go along and find out that e.g. that mysterious worrying lump is nothing but a common lactocele/milk cyst so you can forget about it instead of worrying.

OrdinaryGirl Fri 28-Dec-18 18:50:11

How are you getting on @MummyKSA ? Hope you've now got an appointment and are feeling a bit calmer. 💐

MummyKSA Fri 28-Dec-18 19:05:58

Hi @OrdinaryGirl! I've literally just got back from the doctors an hour ago! Couldn't get an appointment yesterday. Well I saw the doctor and she said it feels like there's another lump on the other side too that's smaller. She said that she thinks my breasts feel like post partum breasts at the moment and that I need to go back in 4 weeks for another check. She said that after a baby, breasts are quite lumpy and bumpy due to hormones etc so just need to see what they're like once they're settled. Thank you so much for checking in on me, I really appreciate that xxx

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OrdinaryGirl Fri 28-Dec-18 20:54:26

I’m really glad you got an appointment so quickly. And great that the doctor believes all is as expected for post-partum breasts. 👍🏻
Defo make the 4 week follow up appointment as soon as you can, to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the newborn admin noise!
And remember you always have a paw of support available here on Mumsnet. It’s the sisterhood of motherhood. ‘Spect we’ll see you around. ☺️

MummyKSA Fri 28-Dec-18 21:04:03

@OrdinaryGirl Thank you so much! I suffer terribly with health anxiety and keep thinking "what is she's got or wrong" or "what If it's something serious and I'm one of the tragic cases and don't make it".. I'm 27 tomorrow and terrified I'm not going to see my little girls grow up! I know that sounds daft but these next 4 weeks are going to drag and I'm already cracking! Xx

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cucumbergin Sat 29-Dec-18 11:32:03

Happy birthday today MummyKSA!

Mrspotter12 Sat 29-Dec-18 11:43:02

Happy birthday xx

MummyKSA Sun 30-Dec-18 18:14:20

Thank you so much @cucumbergin @Mrspotter12 xx

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Mrspotter12 Thu 10-Jan-19 15:51:58

Have you got an appointment sorted yet? How are you doing?thanks

MummyKSA Thu 10-Jan-19 16:07:54

@Mrspotter12, I have to go back to see the gp on 25th Jan to see if they've settled. I had my routine 6 week baby check yesterday with a different doctor who checked also, and he said they are both lumpy and thinks they feel like post partum breasts but make sure I go to the appointment at the end of the month after my period has been and gone (it just came yesterday) so hopefully, fingers crossed they will have settled down by then. Still terrified! Xx

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cucumbergin Thu 10-Jan-19 16:36:02

If it seemed at all worrying they'd have had you in for an ultrasound before now - so don't worry. The fact that it's a bit longer to wait isn't a bad thing, it just means they're going to be thorough and want you to follow up. You still need to go along (otherwise it will lurk around in the back of your head until it's done) but this is just to be absolutely sure.

If you find the fear/anxiety is getting on top of you please ask your midwife/HV/GP for help - esp just so soon post-partum, they will understand that you might need more support.

MummyKSA Thu 10-Jan-19 17:16:24

@cucumbergin thank you.. I will definitely make sure I go to the follow up appointment, otherwise it will just take over my mind and I won't be able to settle. Just hoping to god that it's just down to having a baby and nothing more serious!! Xx

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OrdinaryGirl Mon 21-Jan-19 21:48:25

Hello OP, just checking in to say you are in my thoughts. Not long to go now and hopefully come the 26th your kind will be put at rest.

OrdinaryGirl Mon 21-Jan-19 21:49:20

It reads very menacingly with my typo 😳

MummyKSA Tue 22-Jan-19 13:40:53

Hello @OrdinaryGirl! Aww that's so sweet of you. Thank you. I have my appointment on Friday so I'll update on here once I've been. Fingers crossed!! Xx

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fedupntired Thu 24-Jan-19 14:46:02

All the best for tomorrow 💐💐

MummyKSA Thu 24-Jan-19 15:26:05

Thank you very much @fedupntired xx

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cucumbergin Fri 25-Jan-19 12:12:34

Hope today's appointment set your mind at rest flowers flowers

MummyKSA Fri 25-Jan-19 12:42:01

The appointment is at 4:30pm. I will update you as soon as I get back. The lump still hasn't gone so I haven't got high hopes sad xx

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