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Mumzielove3880 Tue 18-Dec-18 23:03:39

A few years ago I was treated for cancerous cells on my cervixs. When I went back for a follow up smear I had the results that there was again some abnormalities but not enough to be worried about. Last year I went to the hospital for an internal ultrasound to find out I have PCOS. I have not had any follow up appointments and my symptoms got worse to which I contact my gp and they informed me I have at least 12 cysts on each ovary. Is this something they should have followed up on? I am slightly concerned and have booked another smear test, I am slightly concerned that due to my symptoms and lack of communication from the gp this may have escalated into something more serious. Has anyone else had a similar problem or can anyone offer some support??

Thank you for reading.

J x

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