Looking for advice, worried I'm pregnant

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choc27 Sun 16-Dec-18 18:38:30

I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to post, I am not ttc so wasn't sure.
I am on the pill and on Sunday last week (9th) me and dh had sex. On Thursday I had period pain but no period (still have pills left in my packet until Wednesday 19th so not due on til after that) on Friday I had some brown blood when I wiped. Since then on and off niggly type period pains. I'm worried the pains and blood were from implantation as they were 5 days after sex.
My problem is that instead of just waiting to see if my period arrives after my last pill on Wednesday I was going to delay my period so I wasn't on over Christmas. If I do that then I will not know if my period was going to come or not.
I hope that makes sense! I could just not delay it (back to back packets) and then if it doesn't arrive I will test for pregnancy but if it does arrive I will be on at Christmas when we are travelling a lot and staying at other people's houses.
Any advice? What would you do?

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Bombardier25966 Sun 16-Dec-18 18:40:03

It's OK to have your period when staying at other people's houses.

choc27 Sun 16-Dec-18 18:45:51

I realise that but they are very heavy and painful and I'd rather not. Also rather not have it over Christmas full stop.

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JinglingHellsbells Sun 16-Dec-18 19:27:56

It sounds as if you have lots of different issues going on here

1 pain and bleeding after sex ( needs checking out.)
2 heavy periods on pill- shouldn't happens as the Pill is often treatment for heavy periods
3 worrying about being pregnant so soon after sex when you are using the Pill

If you always take your pill at the right time, 3 is unlikely

The other two need a trip to the drs to discuss as they are not normal.

Obviously you ought not to carry on taking the Pill if you think you have conceived, but in all honesty why do you immediately think of that? You could have a uterine polyp, a cervical polyp, fibroids, and anything that is causing pain and bleeding.

Have you conceived before ? How old are you?

choc27 Sun 16-Dec-18 19:45:56

I have 2 other dc. I don't get pain or bleed after sex, I don't think I said that, if it sounded like that then sorry.
I jumped to the pregnancy conclusion because of the timings and it is similar to my other pregnancies. I will research the other things you suggest it could be. I have decided not to take my pill tomorrow just incase and see what happens.

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Akrotiri1 Sun 16-Dec-18 20:13:29

Why not just buy a pregnancy test to give you peace of mind?

choc27 Sun 16-Dec-18 20:30:32

I did and it was negative but then I realised that it's possibly to early yo show on a test if implantation was 2 days ago.
I will stop my pill early I think and then hopefully I will know before the weekend.
Thanks for replying.

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JinglingHellsbells Sun 16-Dec-18 20:48:01

Sorry I thought you were linking the bleeding etc to post-sex but it was a few days later.

If the type of Pill you are on is a very low dose, you might be getting break through bleeding.

How much estrogen is in it and is it the CCP or the mini pill?

Have you been faithfully taking it at the right time, not missing it and not had any D&V ( all the usual stuff.)

You know your body best. Have you had these bloody shows before when you conceived? (Just asking as I never had anything like that.)

How long have you been on this type of pill and is the best one for you?

choc27 Tue 18-Dec-18 14:59:35

Went to the gp today and she is happy with the pill I am on and says she doesn't think it sounds like I will be pregnant. But I am still terrified. I literally can't concentrate or think about anything else.
The brown blood and cramps came 5 days after sex which would be unusual for implantation but not out of the realms of possibility. I'm not supposed to ovulate on this pill but the sex was dead in the middle of cycle which would be ovulation time.
I've had nothing since the cramps. I took my last pill on Sunday morning and no period yet.

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