HELP PLEASE! Mirena Nightmare. . .

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Snugglenush Sun 09-Dec-18 16:15:14

Hi all . . .

So i've had my mirena in for over 5 years now with no problems at all. . . .back in October I went to have it taken out by a nurse at a local sexual health clinic. . . she found the strings really quickly (or atleast that's what she said) and began to pull but it would not budge at all! She told me a Dr would need to have a go as they can use different instruments.

Went to my Dr - he couldn't find the strings at all so referred me to gynaecology but the appointment is not until January.

Ever since then I've been in constant pain in my pelvis. . . i ended up back at the Drs and they diagnosed me with PID and gave me antibiotics - this Dr suggested it could be coil related and to go to a&e if it got worse, it got worse so I ended up at a&e . . .they said they didn't think it had anything to do with the coil, checked my bloods and urine said i was fine and told me to go to a sexual health clinc as they are more specialised in coil removal. . . .I went to the sexual health clinic and they looked very hard and the strings are 100% not there! She did an internal examination and said the tenderness in my uterus suggests the coil could have shifted when the original nurse tried to get it out. I need to go to my GP and demand an emergency scan . . .rang GP they wont' see me until Friday.

Fast forward to today - i'm in constant period type pains which worsened after me and DH had some light fun this morning and are worse when Im sat down. . . I just feel like i'm not being listened to and I'm fed up of being in pain . . .it's beginning to affect my mental health now i'm anxious about it all and I feel bad on my husband for being a burden for being emotional.

I just don't know what to do next. . . I can't go on like this. . .

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imperialqueen Mon 10-Dec-18 14:31:38

Could you phone your doctors now and ask for an emergency appointment? You are in a lot of pain and this has been going on some time. I would ask for an emergency appointment.

I had gynaecological problems this year and like you I really felt that I wasn't listened to.

fringegrin45 Thu 13-Dec-18 21:10:45

Just to say ow, poor you, hope tomorrow is helpful

Bebe03 Wed 19-Dec-18 20:09:31

How did it go OP? Am worried can’t feel mine & feel really worried now!

dementedpixie Sat 29-Dec-18 15:18:26

I had to get mine removed under general anaesthetic as the strings went missing. Family planning couldn't get it, gynae couldn't get it out so got referred to get it out under GA instead.

NotGoodieTwoShoes Sat 29-Dec-18 16:55:16

Just in case anyone else is getting worried about mirena removal I want to let you know mine had been in for 20 years and came out quite easily for my GP. OP I hope you get this sorted soon, not a good experience.

TheFirstOHN Sat 29-Dec-18 17:04:09

20 years!! shock
Did you forget it was in there? Or just couldn't face getting it removed?

MyNameIsJane Sat 29-Dec-18 17:08:03

Mine shifted and the pain! It abated when it was removed.

I hate that they are not taking you seriously and the pain is getting worse.

Chopchopbusybusy Sat 29-Dec-18 17:08:49

20 years?!! Really?

Pieceofpurplesky Sat 29-Dec-18 17:18:41

I am due mine out in March and am dreading it

AnxiousMama101 Sat 29-Dec-18 17:22:30

I removed mine myself blush

TheFirstOHN Sat 29-Dec-18 17:24:55

@Snugglenush hope you've managed to get it sorted by now (or that the pain has become more manageable).

NotGoodieTwoShoes Sat 29-Dec-18 20:48:44

I have mentioned it before but old gp just said to leave it in, then I started getting uncomfortable sensation sitting on a hard chair so I was then advised it should com out.

Her0utdoors Sat 29-Dec-18 20:53:37

Please don't dread it pp, I've had two removed and barely felt a thing, seriously.

Chouxalacreme Tue 01-Jan-19 23:01:15

Also had two removed and they were fine !
The third one fell out itself !
Poor you op hope it’s resolved ASAP

RussellSprout Tue 01-Jan-19 23:03:51

Mine fell out literally just as I had decided to start TTC. But how did it know??

Bebe03 Wed 02-Jan-19 19:18:25

Can I ask how long it took others to have a scan? I had a check today with the clinic who couldn’t find the coil but was told my waiting time maybe four-five months for a scan!!!!

dementedpixie Wed 02-Jan-19 19:29:04

I did have to wait a few months and had to take the mini pill alongside as my mirena had expired by then

dementedpixie Wed 02-Jan-19 19:30:59

Actually I don't think I waited that long for a scan. That was maybe the waiting time for the op to get it removed

Bebe03 Wed 02-Jan-19 19:34:03

It seems such a long time, I want clarification it isn’t there, I’ll ring GP tomorrow

TheFirstOHN Wed 02-Jan-19 19:57:20

The wait time around here is approx 3 weeks.

TheFirstOHN Wed 02-Jan-19 19:57:38

(for the scan)

Bebe03 Wed 02-Jan-19 20:01:07

That’s what I thought it would be, I’ll speak to the GP as the referral was done by the family planning clinic. If not think I’ll have to go private can’t be this worried for that long

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Wed 02-Jan-19 20:07:08

I had to have mine cut out as it became embedded in the wall apparently - I had an internal scan to establish placement (determined whether I needed general or local).

You have to press hard to
That sucker out ASAP. Don't be understated about your pain: over state it if anything.

Flippntuck Wed 02-Jan-19 20:19:41

My dumb ass GP didn't check the position of my uterus (if she had, she would have found it was tilted).. She put it in but it was more painful than she said it should have been. A week later, I was in pain with what I can only describe as feeling severely constipated. Went back to GP, she couldn't find the strings, referred me for a scan, told me it'd be 2 weeks. I cried walking out of there and so my amazing DH stormed back in blush and had a fit at her (was her fault ultimately!!).. She referred me for an immediate scan and hospital scanned me took it out under GA that afternoon. I actually had to have ultrasound, then internal (awful when you're in pain down there) an x-ray nd then an MRI! Dipshit GP had managed to shove it through the wall of my uterus and it was sat in the pouch of Douglas (had never heard of that before!).. I would demand a bloody scan OP. You can't function normally with that pain. I'll never have a coil again!

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