How to get my birth control implant removed NOW. In between insurance policies

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ralokins Tue 04-Dec-18 02:21:41

I've had this implant for almost a year and a half now and it's been absolutely terrible. The depression, mood swings, headaches, nausea. Every time I've gone to the doctor it's been reasons not to remove it. I just want it gone! My mental health is taking a toll on me, and I know it's this implant. I just moved out of state and I'm waiting for my policy activation. How can I get it removed without insurance? Will the ER do it? I have a copay from my out of state insurance for ER visits.

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Returning2thesceneofthecrime Tue 04-Dec-18 02:37:55

Mumsnet posters are overwhelmingly UK based. You might get more useful advice from a local message board. An urgent care centre may be able to help you for a lower price than an ER or at least tell you somewhere else that can help.

RCohle Tue 04-Dec-18 02:42:29

Could planned parenthood help you?

Ifeelinclined Tue 04-Dec-18 02:42:58

I'm in the US too. Can you find an OB/GYN in your new location and pay cash for a visit? ER's are much more expensive than a regular office visit, and a lot of insurance plans won't cover an ER visit unless it's considered a true emergency situation. You would probably come out much cheaper by just paying cash for an office visit. Just make sure to talk to the receptionist when you call and make sure they are aware that you are needing an implant out.

Birdie6 Tue 04-Dec-18 03:17:40

Any doctor can take this out. See your local GP.

Natalieburney Tue 04-Dec-18 03:40:01

Anyone still up wanna talk?

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