Stretch marks

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Racecardriver Sun 02-Dec-18 23:19:33

That happened to me too. With both pregnancies. Has your baby dropped by any chance? I haven’t treated them. They faded to white over a period of six months. If they really bother you I have heard that microneedling can help to reduce them

Sunhill4 Sun 02-Dec-18 22:41:17

Can't say i ever tried. I'm proud of my baby marks! Don't let them worry you. Your body will change - embrace it.

Mamtobee Sun 02-Dec-18 22:33:23

39 weeks pregnant.... the entire pregnancy I had no stretch marks then this week I've noticed below my belly button there are a million tiny little purple marks😩 clearly stretch marks💔 any advice for treatment after pregnancy that has actually worked for some people?

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