Copper coil and smear test

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jbee1979 Sat 01-Dec-18 19:49:15

Is there any reason in the world where a nurse might snip my copper coil thread, without consent, during a smear test?

Background: Copper coil in 3.5 years, 2.5in string, now less than 2mm. Smear 2 wks ago, period 3 wks late but 3 negative pregnancy tests.

Just trying to find a plausible answer, because regardless of the time of the month, string is always long. I requested a long string. It has never moved, I always check in the shower, except when my 3 year old is in the audience, so I haven't checked since last Monday, before smear.

Any opinions greatfully received!

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HopeAndJoy16 Sat 01-Dec-18 20:00:01

I had a smear at the same time my coil was inserted, then had to have a colposcopy for abnormal cells. It was during that procedure the nurse cut mine short, but that's because i needed treatment.
My coil moved about 2 years later and this made it really difficult to remove- i could barely feel the strings at all. Had to go for a scan to check it was still in the right position too (before deciding i just wanted it out)

I don't see why they would need to cut the threads short for a normal smear, and they should definitely have told you they needed to do so!! Have you been in touch with the gp where you had your smear? I would be annoyed too

jbee1979 Sat 01-Dec-18 20:23:40

Thank you. No, but I'm going to ring them on Monday, my cervix sits at an angle so it's not easy to feel it, so that's why I wanted it long. Now its a spiky stump that I have to reach for! I've had a smear 3 years ago, post coil, and the length of the string was never mentioned.

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