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winkingdemon Wed 28-Nov-18 13:31:49

I've posted on here a few times before regarding PCOS (I am 23 and was diagnosed in March this year). I've had loads of problems since I started my periods about 9 years ago. Never been listened to, have been pushed from pillar to post until now. Over the summer I bled for 10 weeks continually. Finally got referred to gynae (again) and feel I've been taken seriously for the first time in my life. She suspects endo as well as me having PCOS. She did an internal and said she could feel a lot of thickening etc, particularly on the left side which is where I get the worst pains. I was in agony for days after she had done the examination. I've been put on metformin for my PCOS and referred for an ultrasound scan and a diagnostic laparoscopy.

I have my scan appointment on Monday and I'm worried because I've been bleeding for 6 weeks continually with no signs of it stopping - can they still do the scan (transvaginal) if I'm bleeding?

I've not heard anything regarding the lap yet, however I've got an appointment in December to see the gynae at the hospital. I'm worried they are going to try and scupper the laparoscopy and say I don't need one because I'm not TTC or anything right now, but I want it done because I want and need the answers. I've spent years in agony and it's severely affected my life (not being able to do anything, missing school/college/uni/work because I'm in so much pain and bleeding so badly). What could this appointment be for? Am I right in thinking it will be to get another opinion before they go ahead with a laparoscopy?

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ElyElyOy Wed 28-Nov-18 23:15:32

Sorry you are suffering: I have endo and PCOS and had 15 years fighting for someone to listen, so I know how hard it is.

Yes, they can and will do the ultrasound while you are bleeding: don’t worry they do them everyday because women are bleeding, they are used to it. My top tip is to wear a tampon and a clean pad in your pants and take the tampon out just before you go in for your appointment. Also a dress over trousers/leggings/tights makes you feel a bit more protected I think!

I wouldn’t think they would be getting a second opinion on giving you a lap. I’ve had two and it’s always been one consultants decision. They often do a pre-op appointment before they have an op date to discuss the procedure and your health details (and sometimes they book them there and then, other times you get a letter at a later date). They may also just want to review how you are getting on and discuss the findings of the scan: I have severe endo but it never showed on the scan. They may also want to offer you something before the laparoscopy (sometimes they use zolodex/prostap before surgery which can be really good for endo - it was brilliant for me, but I had it post-lap).

Good luck smile

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