Cervical polyp, odd cervix shape. Reassurance please!

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Kittp Fri 23-Nov-18 18:07:20

Positive stories to stop me worrying please x
Nurse pointed out I had a polyp 8 weeks ago during smear (came back normal) it started bleeding after intercourse 2 weeks ago. Went private through work. Consultant removed the polyp and took 3 swabs. He told me not to worry as he wasn't concerned as at this point I was crying. Got a copy of the report for the gp and he mentions it looks craggy with an unusual looking polypoid cervix consistent with previous cervical treatment.
But of back ground
Natutal assisted suction birth 2010 8lb7oz
Natural birth 2012 9lb1oz 15 internal stitches due to tearing ( I'm 5ft 3 & small built.)
2016 July surgical termination local anaesthetic (pain unbearable), coil fitted at the time.
6 weeks later coil removed. Nurse said cervix odd. Had colposcopy with punch biopsy (all normal).
Here I am. I'm such a worrier looking for massive reassurance.
Is it possible birth, termination etc etc has damaged my cervix?

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QueenoftheNights Sun 25-Nov-18 12:19:15

It doesn't really matter what your cervix 'looks like' - it's not on show smile
The polyp was benign, it;s gone now and you have been told all is well.

You have had a lot of work done on your cervix- termination, coil fitted, punch biopsy. If this was your nose on your face it wouldn't look pretty.

Your GP is just saying how it looks. It's not something to worry about.

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