Lump in breast.

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NGC2017 Sun 18-Nov-18 22:20:41

So, I have a history of really bad breast pain in my left breast. When it comes on I cannot wear a bra and shave under my arm as it hurts so much.
I have been checked a few times in the breast clinic. Most recently in March where they said I was OK just limited breast tissue.

For the last three weeks I have had a terrible time with the pain, ranging from it feeling swollen, bruised, burning, throbbing, sore, trapped. I finally managed to get in to see my GP on Friday for him to say well I can't refer you again as you were only there in March. I was asking loads of questions for him to answer vaguely. He didn't even bother to examine me. He just sent me away with Pregabalin.
My breast pain today has been really bad. I was in the shower not long ago and thought I would have another check. This time I've definitely felt something hard in the underside. I felt my stomach drop but I thought no stop thinking the worst. Check when lying down. So I did and I immediately phoned my Mom crying, and since havent stopped. I actually feel sick that one there is something definitely there and 2, I am a single mom to a 4 year old son. Father hasn't seen him or attempted contact since he was 8 months old. He has PR and the thought of the worst just sets off the worst anxiety for me. I suffer with anxiety bad, but it always intensifies whenever I think of anything happening. My mom tried to reassure me but I just cried that 'the difference is all your children are adults. Mine is only 4' . I didn't mean it as bad as that may have sounded I promise. Basically my Mom has suffered with painful breast cysts for several years now hence her reassurance but the fear of leaving my 4 year old son should anything ever happen to me absolutely cripples me.

I know I am looking too far into it too soon but I am so upset that the Doctor didn't examine me, made me feel I was being stupid. My aunty had her breasts off in her late 30s due to breast cancer, but apparently I am still too young for a mammogram.

I really feel sick and will now obsess over this 💔

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