Really bad thrush - please help

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AgentProvocateur Sun 11-Nov-18 15:23:38

I’ve had a very itchy genital area for a couple of weeks, but no discharge so I didn’t think it was thrush. I’ve been scratching so much, I’ve now got broken skin. I went to the GP on Wednesday and she did a swab. In the meantime, having tried everything else, I bought thrush cream yesterday. It’s cream that you also insert via a paper applicator, like a tampon (it’s not canestan - I’m not in the U.K.).

My vulva has got slightly better (so I think it is thrush - still not got swab results back) but now the tops of my legs, from my knicker line and going down about three inches are red, hot and very itchy.

Does this sound like thrush, or some other infection? I can’t get to my GP till Tuesday. I’m worried it’s another infection that’s spreading down my legs.

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