Breast tenderness

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utterplonker Thu 08-Nov-18 15:53:30

I know I am stupid to be asking but I don't know

I'm mid thirties.

Last month about a week before my period I had breast tenderness, really sore if knocked/touched. It went during my period, all good.

Now, last week I had it again - which would be near mid cycle. Went for about a day, then back. Had it for a few days. I'm still having it now, but not due on for another 10 days. Pretty much only the left breast though. No other changes apparent.

Does this sound right? Like I say I'm mid thirties and have never had this before in my life.

Thank you

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boble1 Sun 18-Nov-18 19:23:25


How are you feeling now?


VforVienetta Sun 18-Nov-18 20:24:54

Have you examined your breasts? Mid-cycle they shouldn't have any hormonal swelling, so if there's anything out of the ordinary it'd be worth seeing your GP.
A quick Google will show you how to if you haven't before - basically feeling over with flat hands, not prodding, and up to armpit area.

I have crazy boobs at the mo, horribly tender, but it starts a few days/week before my period and they're agony. I've eventually been to see my GP as I've also been producing colostrum shock for months, and it turns out to be a side effect of my ADs.
Weird, but relieved to have an explanation!

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