Help, I'm so confused about AF & The Cycle

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BryonyPF Tue 06-Nov-18 23:50:37

I know this is probably stupid and long winded but I've been mega confused lately! (Probably TMI but take into account me and my partner have unprotected sex frequently)

I had AF in august (27th/29th) then In September I completely missed it but then it came along in October (1st/4th). Before this I was always pretty regular and had a 31 day cycle.

I was due AF (31st Oct/1st Nov) but I'm still waiting for her to come. I've had really tender and sore nipples/breasts, been needing a wee a lot more, tiredness, left side back pain and slight cramping/pinching (I've had each of these symptoms for a good few weeks now. I've taken 2 cheap pregnancy tests (just to clear my thoughts) but both came back negative.

What could this be?? I'm sick of having the feeling that I'm going to start AF and feeling like I'm on it but no blood appears at all.

Anyone else had similar issues? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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QueenoftheNights Wed 07-Nov-18 07:46:23

First thing is- do you want to be pregnant? Because if not, use contraception! Are you saying you take risks or you want a baby? I'M confused!

From what you have said, your periods are pretty normal. Are you having really short bleeds too- is that why you have said 27-29? Is that the time you bleed? Just 3 days?

Period on 29 August
Period October 1st
Period due any day now

All that shows is your normal cycle is somewhere between 31 and 33 (ish days.)

That's normal. Hardly anyone goes exactly the same time each month.

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