Appointment at the breast clinic tomorrow

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MummySharkDooDooDooDoo Mon 29-Oct-18 21:26:52

I know that no one on the internet can give me any answers and my appointment is tomorrow, but I'm hoping for some positivity to stop me from thinking the worst. I hadn't really been worrying about this until now.

I found a lump in my breast about 6 weeks ago but only went to the GP last week. When he examined me, he found another lump in my other breast which I hadn't noticed. He referred me and I got an appointment through the next day.

I previously had a fibroadenoma removed, so I'm hopeful that it's that again.

The only thing that has now worried me, from stupidly googling, is that an eczema like rash around the nipple is a symptom of breast cancer. The difficulty here is that I have had a very dry rash around my nipples, on and off for the past year BUT, I have been breastfeeding and this rash has only ever come up when DD has been with her Dad and I haven't breastfed for a few days. I always put it down to that, but looking back, is that even logical? Why would my nipples go dry and sore and start peeling skin just from not breastfeeding? The odd thing is that this affected both nipples even though I only breastfed from one side for the past year. I stopped breastfeeding completely about 4 weeks ago and my nipples have been dry and sore since.

I know I'm winding myself up here so if someone could respond to talk me down that would be great!!

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Cambalamb Tue 30-Oct-18 18:05:29

Hope it went ok, just seen this. I've been twice to the breast clinic and was benign both times. Fingers crossed it will be for you too.

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