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wingingatlife Tue 23-Oct-18 14:54:17

I need advice on contraception please.

I can't take oestrogen. I'm 30, I have two kids and pretty sure we don't want more. I have been off hormonal contraception for over a year and my cycles have regulated to 25/26 days and my period lasts four days, usually relatively light but get the odd heavy and painful cycle. I track them using natural cycles.

I have the option to try cerazette or continue temping and condoms.

Cerazette - "proper" contraception in that I feel I'm actively taking something but nervous about the likelihood of persistent bleeding and upsetting my predictable and regular cycle.

Condoms/ temping - risky!!

Which would you do? Copper coil and mirena are not an option.

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Monkeybunkey Thu 25-Oct-18 15:21:45


wingingatlife Thu 25-Oct-18 16:17:46

Too invasive 

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userabcname Thu 25-Oct-18 16:48:57

Depends on how much of a disaster it would be if you fell pg. I did not get on with cerazette at all - I bled lightly but constantly for months. I would be tempted to continue with condoms but if falling pregnant would be a huge issue then try cerazette and see how you get on. DH and I used condoms for a year before ttc and I took the MAP twice in that time following split ones. We are ttc again now (I had the implant between DS and now which I didn't like either tbh) and I've told him after baby 2 it's condoms or more babies as I'm done with hormonal contraception for now.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 26-Oct-18 08:18:50

I would try cerazette if you are pretty sure you do not want any more children. I had no problems at all whilst on it and my bleeds were pretty much regular (and without pain which I am thankful for. I was diagnosed some years back with endometriosis).

wingingatlife Fri 26-Oct-18 08:24:11

Yes I think I'm going to suck it up on try cerazette on my next cycle.

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Monkeybunkey Fri 26-Oct-18 09:03:03

The implant isn't as invasive as, say, a coil. It's a tiny incision to put in your upper arm then you can forget about it for three years (can you tell I have one and love it?!). Similar incision to remove and replace. It's not for everyone, granted, but I'm, not sure I'd describe it as invasive as such.

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