Bartholin's cyst now infected. Any experience of this?

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Gincompetent Tue 23-Oct-18 14:13:24

I am in so much pain, I can't sit easily, it's sore to walk and just generally sore all the time.

I've had the cyst for a few years but it's never given me any bother (had it checked at the time by gynae though, as it was the size of a large grape, and she said it was best to leave it as is if not troubling me).

However, it's grown rapidly over the past 2 days - to the size of an egg! - and become so painful, so I went to the GP this morning and she's given me antibiotics and said if it doesn't feel better by Friday morning I've to go back to be sent to hospital. I had a temperature at the GP and have been feeling a bit unwell for the last couple of days so I guess this is the reason.

Has anyone experienced this?

Please tell me it will be ok!!

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QueenoftheNights Tue 23-Oct-18 14:14:14

if the abs don't work you will need it lanced and drained.

Monkeybunkey Tue 23-Oct-18 14:18:27

I've had this - the first time I had antibiotics and it burst overnight (yuck!) but the relief was immediate. The second time the antibiotics weren't as effective and I had to go to A&E and have it incised and drained. By this point it was egg-sized so I had it done under general anaesthetic and stayed in overnight (I didn't go to theatre until 9.30pm). I had dissolvable stitches and antibiotics/painkillers when I was discharged, as far as I can remember. Touch wood, I've had no further problems and this was about 10 years ago.

Gincompetent Tue 23-Oct-18 14:32:54

Thanks both.

And thanks for sharing your experience @Monkeybunkey I've got to go and help at a kids birthday party soon. I could cry at the thought!

Is lancing/draining always done under a general anaesthetic?

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Monkeybunkey Tue 23-Oct-18 14:40:32

Not always, no. I think mine had got to the point where GA was necessary as local anaesthetic would still have been too painful and/or they needed to knock me out in order to fully drain the cyst. Hope yours responds to the antibiotics - that's not an experience I'd like to go through again!

Gincompetent Tue 23-Oct-18 14:56:38

Glad to hear you've had no further problems.

Mine is definitely egg-sized, I'll keep everything crossed (except my legs, I can't cross my legs, ouch!) that the antibiotics work then!

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Gincompetent Wed 24-Oct-18 12:18:47

I have another question...
How sore is this suppose to be?? I am in agony!  Finding it really had to concentrate on work (working from home today thankfully)

It's just throbbing all the time and I'm taking ibuprofen and paracetamol at max doses.

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wingingatlife Wed 24-Oct-18 20:05:46

Would it help to sit in a hot bath? It might help it drain naturally

glutten4punishment Wed 24-Oct-18 20:26:47

I've had two, both during my second pregnancy - which was fun (not).
I got both lanced, the first under local anaesthetic, the second without any anaesthetic (it was smaller). Was on antibiotics for a week with the first which did nothing.

The first was pretty big (about the size of a golf ball). They tried to drain but without success so it had to be lanced. I have to admit it was quite painful getting it lanced but it was sooooo worth it as the relief is immediate. With me being pregnant, they were reluctant to put me under general due to the risks.
The second was smaller and I agreed just to have it lanced rather than suffer the pain - I was 35 weeks at that point so the added pressure that comes with an full term baby wasn't helping from a comfort point of view.

No more cysts since - that was almost 3 years ago.

I think if one was to return I'd still opt for local anaesthetic as it's quicker and less of a faff. But I'm good with pain. Good luck OP. 

Gincompetent Wed 24-Oct-18 22:14:37

Thanks @glutten4punishment and
@wingingatlife (and poor you for getting this in pregnancy!) I'm usually good with pain too, had 2 births with only a little gas &air and generally don't moan about pain, but this is getting excruciating.

I've been doing lots of shallow baths for the last 2 days, nothing is helping.

I keep getting a shooting pain (known as fanny daggers on MN ) up my ladygarden, as well as the constant throbbing pain all round the abscess. And mine seems much deeper under the skin than most of the pictures I've found, so I can't figure out where it could possibly burst from! Worried about it popping internally - that's bad isn't it?

I think I'll be back to the GP tomorrow.

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Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 11:45:11

Been sent to hospital. Currently in Gynae ward waiting to see someone 

I should've posted in AIBU for traffic
'AIBU for worrying about my fiery golf-ball fanny?' 

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Whitegrenache Thu 25-Oct-18 11:55:55

Post a picture or it's not real 

TheFaerieQueene Thu 25-Oct-18 11:58:00

That sounds bloody painful. I’m glad you are getting it sorted. 💐

BiscuitDrama Thu 25-Oct-18 12:00:06

Hope they can get it sorted out quickly and without it hurting too much.

Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 12:04:01

Thanks @BiscuitDrama and @TheFaerieQueene

Me too! It's horrible. Having to sit an an angle with my legs wide open, as I can't sit normally. Not embarrassing at all... 

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Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 12:05:15

@Whitegrenache I considered it but then what if someone recognised me and my disfigured fanny was made public?!

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TokyoSushi Thu 25-Oct-18 12:07:28

Oooh OP, poor you! Hope you're sorted really soon!

Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 12:09:19

Thank you @TokyoSushi
I'd say it's the size of a lemon now 

DH says it's like a giant testicule, and keeps calling me Dave!

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RB68 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:10:21

Hope they sort it for you - it can be super painful. I have had smaller ones that were sorted with AntiBs but also some that after a good hot bath came to a head and were ummm encouraged shall we say. I found hot water bottles helped bring things to a head as well

RB68 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:11:12

OMG Your husband!!! he would be on Tea and food duty for a week in my house calling me that

TokyoSushi Thu 25-Oct-18 12:11:59

Wow @Gincompetent I had one about the size of a marble and was almost crying with the pain! It burst by itself and what came out was grim, but the relief was instant!

billybullshitterz1 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:12:13

You will be fine OP I've had mine drained under GA twice now. The second time was pretty perfunctory. Get in. Get it lanced. Get home. The minor discomfort afterwards is nothing to the pain you will be feeling now. The relief will be amazing. I was back to normal a couple of days later

Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 12:13:52


He's a CF isn't he? I'll make him pay, don't worry! 

This is so huge the GP I saw actually gasped and when she called through to the hospital she described it as massive 

Lucky me eh?

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QuantumWeatherButterfly Thu 25-Oct-18 12:17:32

Sending best wishes, OP - I've had this twice. The relief after surgery was total and immediate. And no - you're not overstating the pain. Between a Bartholin's abscess and labour pains, it would be a close run thing.

Gincompetent Thu 25-Oct-18 12:18:07


Positive stories like yours are exactly what I need right now! Glad you hear yours was resolved quickly.

I'm now pacing the room deep-breathing as I can't sit any longer. It's like being in labour again... except with addition on post-birth stitches pain added in for good measure! Have honestly never felt pain like outside of childbirth!

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