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jodrapier Mon 22-Oct-18 04:54:53

Hi All, I'm 11-12weeks postpartum, and I haven't been offered a check up? Is this normal?

I had an emergency CSection in August.

The health visitor came at 6 weeks to check my baby, and we've had his first vaccinations, but nothing was asked about me?

I don't have any major concerns, jus that I ha ent started my period yet.....but wondered if it was routine to have a check up?

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DrWhy Mon 22-Oct-18 04:58:08

They used to be routine at 6 weeks but in our area they have been stopped. It’s eems they weren’t picking up enough issues to be worth the doctored time so you are now supposed to know how well you should feel after birth, whether your healing is normal etc (which I think is basically impossible first time round) and make an appointment with your GP if you think it’s not.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 22-Oct-18 19:49:10

If you’re BFing, it’s very unlikely you’ll have AF yet OP. I can’t tell you how long it usually is if you’re Ffing though.

How are you coping with the birth in other ways. Did you have any Birth Trauma?

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