Who's got positive stories of cerazette?

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avoschmadoo Sun 21-Oct-18 07:10:20

It's been in my drawer for months and I've not got he bottle to try it after the Mirena made me bleed for months on end. I can't take oestrogen.

So I've got cerazette (pharmacist friend insisted there is a negligible difference between this and unbranded versions so I ensured I asked for cerazette).

Everything I read is bad!!

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Midnight0 Sun 21-Oct-18 07:14:27

Can't give you a positive story umfortunately. Had it for a year and it made me spot/bleed most of that year. At the end went to family planning clinic and got copper coil asap.

Colabottle10 Sun 21-Oct-18 07:17:27

I was on it from the age of 14 to 37 when I stopped to get pregnant and no issues and no periods.

After a year of periods going haywire I'm back on it. Only done 2 months and have had break through bleeding so not sure it's going to work again but will give it 6 months.

elf1985 Sun 21-Oct-18 07:18:10

Yes me! It was wonderful. I took it for 3 years before my second baby. I didn't bleed once the whole time and had no idea even when I was due on. After my lb they put me on cerelle which is the unbranded one... omg! There is a big difference. Migraines, ridiculously heavy periods etc. I've just managed to convince my doctor to put me back on cerazette so I'm hoping it does the same again.

2isabella2 Sun 21-Oct-18 07:26:09

I was in cerazette for a while and it was no problem. The only thing I didn't like was that my periods were very irregular so I didn't know when one would arrive. They weren't frequent or heavy though.

ilovetvandchocolates Sun 21-Oct-18 07:39:15

Wonderful, the first 6 months very irregular periods but after than nothing.

rookiemere Sun 21-Oct-18 07:57:29

I love Cerazette.
It keeps me Endometriosis symptom free and only time I've had a flare up in past 5 years is when doctors changed me to a generic brand that was allegedly the same. Now I buy it through Lloyds.

I had some bleeding for the first couple of months but then after that nothing.

Clueing4looks Sun 21-Oct-18 08:04:12

I was on cerazette. Still had a period every month and actually fell pregnant about 7 months after starting.

Was gutted as was the only pill I could take

TheCraicDealer Sun 21-Oct-18 08:07:34

I was on it with no issues from 16 - 20 until I got a bit of the aul spotting/cervical erosion and was swapped to Yasmin. However my DTwin was on it for a short time and got headaches and mad mood swings- really depends on the individual.

I did hear it's like 90p a script as opposed to £7 or something for Yasmin which is why they start so many people on it initially, but that might be a pile of shit.

avoschmadoo Sun 21-Oct-18 08:34:58

Yasmin is a combined pill thecraic so you can't compare them

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avoschmadoo Mon 22-Oct-18 15:47:49

I'm day 4 of my cycle. Too late to start cerazette? Should I wait until next cycle? Every info page is conflicting.

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sola82 Mon 22-Oct-18 15:55:31

I've been on cerazette for years with no issues and no periods. I came off it to conceive DS2 and am now back in it. I was moved onto cerelle once as it is cheaper- it caused bad cramping and irregular bleeding.
I've always been able to take it straight away. As far as I'm aware you don't need to wait for a particular point in your cycle.

SpaSushi Mon 22-Oct-18 16:20:12

Been on cerazette for years, only stopped for conceiving.

No periods! I bloody love it.

Did have spotting etc for a few months when restarting each time, settles down after a few months.
Also get this when changing to other brands si only get cerazette now

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