Fowler's syndrome or something!

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Saladismylife22 Fri 19-Oct-18 15:25:40

(Before anyone starts, I have been to the GP, have a referral, all that. This is just research into other peoples experience to stop me feeling alone)
I've been having bladder problems for a good year and a half, I'm 22 never had kids.
Symptoms pretty much are I've lost the familiar 'feeling' of needing a wee. I can still pass urine however sometimes I go to the toilet twice in 5 mins because I\ve realised I've not emptied my bladder. Not even 100% sure it's empty are the first one! Also very uncomfortable whilst holding urine.
I've had UTI's before and this isn't one.
The dr really didn't give me any direction on causes or even advice to see me through until my referral to the hospital (Start of Jan)
I'm not in pain but it's bloody uncomfortable and inconvenient to be going to the loo 20+ times a day.

Googled it (I know I shouldn't have) and I found Fowler's syndrome is common in women my age. Perhaps it isn't this but has anyone got any experience with this that fancies enlightening me on their early symptoms?

Disclaimer: I know no one here is able to give medical advice ect ect.Just looking to hear from anyone with similar issues!

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