Changes on cervix, please keep me calm

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confusednorthner Tue 16-Oct-18 22:24:29

I had a smear last year which was clear but have started over last four months or so with lower stomach and back pain along with irregular bleeding. I thought maybe I had a cyst and gp agreed and also changed my pill but wanted to do examination to check.
I went today and she is now concerned about some changes to cervix. She told me not to panic as probably just hormonal but has referred me to hospital and said it will likely be within two week. I have periods of anxiety anyway and haven't even managed to tell husband yet. How on earth do I ignore this for now? Im terrified it's bad and equally terrified of people poking about down there.

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confusednorthner Wed 17-Oct-18 05:01:15

Anyone? I'm awake full of cold and blocked up and my mind immediately went in to overtime once I woke up.

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Monty27 Wed 17-Oct-18 05:05:57

Honestly I hope I am right in thinking stop thinking? It may be nothing. May I ask how old you are?

confusednorthner Wed 17-Oct-18 07:38:03

I'm 41, I wish I could turn my head off sometimes!

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rosie39forever Wed 17-Oct-18 13:41:55

It’s hard not to worry but chances are it’s nothing serious, I’ve had abnormal smears and cervical changes a few times all turned out to be halmless, try and take comfort in the fact that you are being proactive and getting it dealt with, the people who will be poking about are extremely experienced and spend everyday doing this sort of procedure. Every time I’ve had investigations it’s been really quick and painlesss.

confusednorthner Wed 17-Oct-18 16:01:35

Thank you, I've just spoke to appointments and they wanted me to go in tomorrow but they aren't allowed to leave a voicemail so missed that one. The next available appointment is beginning of next month so going to need to try ignore it for now. If it was just the changes without any symptoms I'd feel happier but now panicking that the pain is related.

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