Help... Injury after rountine smear test. Any advice?

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SOS123 Tue 16-Oct-18 19:02:19

I posted a few weeks ago when this first happened however I am still suffering. Thanks to those who previously responded.

I went for a routine smear test nearly two months ago and I felt a sharp nip when the speculum was inserted and pain where I was swabbed. I ended up with a urine infection and ongoing pain/sleepless nights. Smear and scan negative.
Two months later and the intense pain has settled but I am now left with permanent background pain and tingling/throbbing sensations on the left side on my vagina. Some days are worse than others and the tingling radiates down to my left foot. Doctor very unsupportive and denying injuring me. However I get urinary frequency on and off and I have had possible thrush twice in the last two weeks. I am too scared to have sex and now worried I may have permanent nerve damage. I do not feel able to go to my doctor.
Any advice or info would be appreciated x

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SOS123 Tue 16-Oct-18 19:04:24

FYI - I have been told 4 months for a gynaecologist.

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1tobleroneplease Tue 16-Oct-18 19:14:45

Smear test is completely unrelated to a urine infection. I'm a practice nurse and I perform smears regularly. It sounds as though the nurse must have nipped you by mistake with the speculum. The fact you are having ongoing problems is the slight concern. Although your smear was clear it may be that you have a different type of infection, I would recommend going back to your GP and having some swans taken. Good luck

QueenoftheNights Tue 16-Oct-18 22:25:43

It's not very likely that the two things are connected. You could perhaps get a urine infection with transfer of ecoli during the smear but nerve damage- not so sure. Think of the trauma a vagina undergoes with sex and childbirth- a smear/ speculum is nothing in comparison.

You might want to have your urine tested again to see if there is any bacteria still there, and also have some treatment for thrush.

Get tested for it rather than assuming it's thrush.

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