V heavy periods/pms/ovulation since childbirth

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justlikeawoman1234 Fri 12-Oct-18 19:43:13

Sorry this is probably tmi but since giving birth which was over a year ago. My periods and really heavy. It seems to be the same when I’m ovulating.

Theres quite a small age gap between my dc, I bf both too, not sure if this makes a difference but during my period I’m now extremely angry too. I never used to be this bad.

I’ve read recent threads about pmdd which got me thinking. I’m so full of rage, I feel depressed, confused and again, it’s only been this way since having dc.

Before having children I could guess when I was ovulating but now I absolutely know. Again sorry tmi but my discharge is so heavy and thick and my stomach/breasts hurt. I have to wear pantyliners

Has anyone experienced similar? I didnt want to bother my gp but I think I actually might. I’ve never experienced this before. Having a break from my periods was great before, now I don’t feel like get that as I’m sore/hormonal

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